Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Update 29/7/12

Ready for ITV Yorkshire! | Treat after my day at ITV | Snack at work | Lush salad I made | Too many key-rings? I actually only have 2 keys on there… | Harry in Grazia magazine! | Breakfast on a sunny morning in my garden | Finally got the dress I’ve wanted for ages, in the sale too!

It’s been such a good week for me; the weather has been amazing over the past couple of weeks! It’s finally began to feel a bit more like July! Tuesday was my day at ITV Yorkshire, which I’ve gone into detail about my day here. It was the most amazing day, so surreal and exciting! I’m going on holiday with my parents and my brother in a few weeks, the exact dates I’m going is 18th to 25th August. I’m going to Scarborough which is on the Yorkshire coast and I’m really excited just to get away for a week! I have a week off work before I go away too, but because my shifts have changed at work due to a refit, I get slightly longer off work, so it works out I have three weeks off work, excited! I going to try and get some posts scheduled in the week before I go away so you guys have something to read whilst I’m away! Have a nice week guys!

Katie xo

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Party in the Park Leeds 2012

I mentioned in my last Sunday Update that on Sunday I went to Party in the Park! It’s a free gig (!!) that’s hosted every year in Leeds at Temple Newsam. The tickets used to be really easy to get, back in the day you could go and collect them from a particular place but as the years have gone on and it’s got more and more popular, you now have to apply for tickets and see if you’re lucky enough to be picked and get them! I’ve never been before and I didn’t apply for tickets this year, but Anna’s mum won tickets so I got to go along with Anna and her sister. I didn’t realise One Direction were there until after the application for tickets closed, but thankfully I got to go in the end! It took AGES to get there, we had to queue for 45 minutes just to get on one of the special buses that were running from Leeds city centre to the venue! I bought a 1D tour lanyard thing from one of the (probably illegal) merch guys who stand outside gigs. There were loads of them outside the venue and around Leeds city centre where we had to queue up for a bus. I love stuff like that, so at £3, I had to buy one! We were quite far away from the stage, but thankfully one of my Dad’s cameras that I borrowed has an 18x zoom so I managed to get some decent photos! They look better when the full size photo is zoomed in at 100% because the detail is really good! I just cropped them smaller so they’d fit better! The line up was amazing, One Direction were obviously my favourite act and everyone else’s since everyone went mental when they came on! It was really amazing too because both Louis and Zayn are both from Yorkshire (Zayn is from Bradford, Louis is from Doncaster) so it was good to have them back in Yorkshire! Hopefully I’ve remembered everyone that was there, but here’s a list of the acts that were there!

Cover Drive, Alyssa Reid, Marcus Collins, Stooshe, Alexandra Burke, DJ Fresh, Taio Cruz, Little Mix, Wretch 32, Conor Maynard, Labrinth, Tulisa, Professor Green and ONE DIRECTION! My favourite acts were 1D (obviously) Conor Maynard, Professor Green and Labrinth. I only have one Labrinth song, he’s not really my style of music but he really got the crowd going and his act was amazing!

Katie xo

Friday, 27 July 2012

Work experience: The day!

The photo above is from a protest I went to when I was with ITV Yorkshire in Leeds city centre. I took it on my phone and it’s the only image I got from my work experience because obviously I couldn’t sit in the newsroom taking photos. I had the best day ever, it was really tiring day but it was so surreal and I really enjoy myself! I’ll give you guys a run-through of my day and give you some little tips here and there for anyone who is going to be doing any work experience in newsrooms!

I got there about half 8, I wasn’t due in till 9am but ALWAYS get there earlier than you’re due in and I mean early, early, not just 5/10 minutes before you’re due in. I was at Calendar News, which is ITV’s regional news for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. I met all the producers, web editors etc who were all lovely and friendly! I got to sit in on the 9am meeting, in which the producer filled in on all the staff who was doing what and what stories they would be covering. After the meeting I was told I would be working with journalist Sally Simpson, who usually reads the Calendar Daybreak news. We went out into Leeds city centre to get footage and interview people who were taking part in a peaceful protest on the M.O.Ds plan to cut 20,000 soldiers from the army. The protest was a lot smaller than we expected, but we went along with a camera man and we got some footage of the protest and Sally also interviewed some of the protestors. When we got back, we transferred the footage from film to digital and Sally wrote the script for the story. Also, make sure to ask loads of questions, it’s important to show how interested and enthusiastic you are to be there! Once that had done, I got the chance to watch the lunch news go out live from the gallery which was seriously exciting! We then had lunch and although it’s tempting to go out for lunch or sit on your own in the canteen, try and mingle with the staff! Two lovely ladies showed me where the canteen was and I sat with them and two guys, one was the web editor and another was a producer. It gave me the opportunity to ask questions and get advice in a more informal atmosphere. When I came back from lunch, I was working with a guy who edited footage and adds voice-overs and music to create packages ready for going out live. I was with a reporter too and I watched them put together this package which was the ‘And Finally’ piece in the 6pm news. It was unreal seeing the footage put together, from just being plain footage, to adding the music and voice-over to then seeing it go out on TV! To end my day I got to watch the 6pm teatime news go out live too! It was a really exciting and long day, but I had the most amazing day ever. It really was surreal, at one point I was sat in the newsroom and the presenters casually walk past. I really had to try and not look too star struck! Also after the evening news finished, I lost my bearings at one point (so many corridors!) and I turned round to find one of the weather presenters, Jon Mitchell right behind me! He kindly showed me the way out! Also, it’s ideal to email whoever sorted your work experience out to thank them after you’ve completed your work experience! I emailed the lady on Wednesday thanking her, it just shows how appreciative you are!

Katie xo

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Book review: The End of Everything

I’m definitely a bookworm; I take after my Dad who is constantly reading a book. I usually read ‘chick lit’ because it’s an easy read and sometimes I like to compare my life to the characters in the book (sad I know!). My favourite ever books are the Harry Potter series, which sounds really cliché but I love them because they remind me of my childhood and my late Granddad.

I bought ‘The End of Everything’ last summer after reading a few reviews in magazines. It was one of those books that really stood out to me when I read reviews, so out I popped to WHSmith. It took me longer than usual to read it, despite it only having 246 pages, so I was reading it on-off for about 5/6 months.

The book itself it written from the view of thirteen year-old Lizzie Hood, who is a typical naive thirteen year-old who spends all of her spare time with her best friend and next door neighbour, Evie Verver. That’s until one afternoon when Evie disappears and the only clue is the maroon car Lizzie and Evie spotted driving past them earlier in the day. Lizzie takes it upon herself to try and uncover the truth of Evie’s whereabouts and in the process builds up a strong relationship with Evie’s shell-shocked farther, Mr Verver.

I really enjoyed the book, it did take me a while to read, which is because of the style of writing Abbott has chosen. I can’t really describe it apart from it being ‘unusual’, but I think it adds to the charm of the book and how it represents a coming of age novel with the naivety, confusion and durability teenagers are faced with.

I wanted to read something that was kind of in between ‘chick lit’ and something really heavy, like a crime novel, because I wanted to challenge myself a bit more. So if you’re after something like I wanted then this is definitely a read! It has lots of twists and turns, so it does keep you hooked, although I did read it on and off because of the style of writing, but I’m sure it’s something other people will have probably come across before! On the whole I did really enjoy it and I am going to be purchasing her new book, ‘Dare Me’!

Katie xo

Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunday Update 22/7/12

Granola with pineapple yoghurt | Found 4 Harry Potter t-shirts from when I was 11 and they still fit! | What I wore to the pub | I always re-read Harry Potter every summer! | Areo orange and the mint one is so good! | People laugh when I tell them I’m 22, forever looking 12! | Checking the line-up for PITP! | PITP outfit | Ticket! | Looking through photos I took, thank god my Dad’s camera has an 18x zoom!

Hope you’ve all had a good week guys! I couldn’t post this yesterday because I was at Party in the Park all day! It was such an amazing day, the atmosphere was amazing and the acts were incredible! I’m going to post photos of the day sometime during the week too! It was a really long day, the main acts ran from 2pm-6pm and it was a really hot day but it was totally worth it! One Direction was there too, which were obviously the best act there! It was so amazing seeing them live too and it got me more excited for when I see them next March!

Also I’m at ITV Yorkshire tomorrow for my day’s work placement! I’m so excited but nervous too. It will definitely be an amazing experience and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I’m spending all of today sorting things out, making sure I have my clothes and bag ready, and I’m going to read through some tips for work placements that I got online. I’ll also let you guys know how it goes at some point during the week!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Work experience attire

The photos are a bit crappy, I was going to borrow my Dad’s Nikon but the battery was dead so I had to use my camera which is in desperate need of an update! These are two outfits I have in mind for my day’s work experience at ITV Yorkshire. I already have most of it planned, it’s literally just a choice of two tops that I can’t decide on! The trousers are from George at Asda  and I bought them especially for my work experience. I wanted some smart trousers that were ‘trendy’ and not the bog standard boot cut ones I had to wear for school and work. I was originally going to wear some slipper shoes that I bought (featured in third image) but when I wore them out for the first time, it resulted in them rubbing the back of my feet to the point where they was blood on the back of my jeans and the back of my shoes! So it’s probably not the best idea to wear these for a full day of possibly running around! Are these loafers ok? I wasn’t sure if they were smart enough but they are one of my comfiest pair of flats. I’m swayed towards the top in the first image, but I wasn’t sure if it was too ‘busy’? My Mum said I should go for that one over the one in the second image, but I desperately want second opinions! I’m also wearing a simple plain black cardigan, which is currently in the wash! I’m using my Zara bag which should fit everything I need, including a notebook etc. I’m going to keep my makeup simple and jewellery pretty simple, probably just a simple necklace and a couple of bracelets. Does this sound good guys? Let me know if I should change anything! I’m worried that I won’t look smart enough; then again I don’t want to dress too old! Thank you!

Katie xo

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Update 15/7/12

Outfit to run some errands on Monday | I’ve gone through 5 packets of these this week, they’re so addictive! | Found my American Apparel t-shirt I thought I’d lost forever in the ironing basket…Think it’s been in there for ages! | My purse is always messy, believe it nor not but I actually only had a fiver in there! | D.I.Y Vans phone cover | Forever waiting for buses | Last Primark purchases before my spending ban | Hated porridge when I was younger but this stuff is amazing!

Hope you’re all ok guys! I’ve not really done anything exciting this week! I went to Primark on Thursday and picked up the Guns N Roses vest and some leggings, but that’s the last (fingers crossed) non essential purchase before I go on holiday in just over a month. I’m only going to Scarborough (fave place!) and Whitby on the Yorkshire coast for a week in August, but I always like to have plenty of money to spend whilst I’m there! Also it’s a week on Tuesday until my day’s work experience at ITV Yorkshire, so excited! I think on Tuesday I will start to get nervous! I’m going to do a post sometime in the week on what to wear too. I have the trousers sorted, just a bit stuck on a choice of tops! So I’d love your opinions please when I post it!

Have a good week guys! I’m off to the pub tonight, the quiz is on but my general knowledge isn’t the best so I’m not holding out for a win!

Katie xo

Friday, 13 July 2012

Hello Kitty Vans

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE my new Vans! I bought them last week as a payday treat and I absolutely adore them. I was intending to get a plain pink pair because at the time Office didn’t have the Hello Kitty pair on their website, but when I went on to buy them on payday, I noticed the Hello Kitty pair. I just had to get them so they popped straight into my virtual basket and I placed the order! I haven’t worn them out yet, that’s why the laces aren’t done properly, but I’m too scared to! The sole is a gorgeous shade of pink and I know they’re going to get mucky when they’re worn out. I always have this problem when I get new shoes!

Katie xo

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Magazine freebies

When it comes to freebies in magazines, magazine companies are really upping their game. Long gone are the days when you got free bubblegum and flimsy notebooks and in it’s replacement are deluxe samples. Anything from £20 Kurt Geiger gift cards to mascara is given free to readers these days. In the past few months I’ve seen free eyeliners, mascara, primer, lip gloss, vests, sunglasses and loads more given free with magazines. I always buy Elle, Glamour and Company every month, and sometimes Cosmo and Marie Claire, but usually depending on the free gift! What’s your opinion on magazine freebies? I’d love to know!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

You are an example of better things to come

Navy stripe jumper vest: George at Asda
Super skinny jeans: Primark
Shoes: Vans
Necklace: New Look
Bracelets (L-R): H&M, You Me At Six merch, New Look & New Look
Belt: New Look

I apologise for my appalling attempt of an ‘outfit post’. I honestly can’t do outfit posts at all, I always think I look fat and awful in the photos I take and I’m just never happy with them, so to get decent photos that I like it’s going it have to be at dodgy angles I’m afraid. I bought the top a couple of weeks ago in the sale for £4! It was originally £8 which is a bargain even before it’s reduced. The jeans are just the standard Primark jeans, in ‘super skinny’ fit, which I just rolled up a couple of times to show off my shoes a bit more. I’m slowly wearing my Vans to death which is upsetting! The front has faded a bit, where they get creased when I walk but they are the comfiest shoes ever. I got them in the Office concession in Selfridges when I went to London last year and I’ve pretty much been wearing them ever since! This is only my second outfit post and they won’t become a regular feature because I can’t take outfit photos to save my life!

Katie xo

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Update 8/7/12

Bedtime | Pimpin’ my iPod | Running errands in new shoes, I ended up with blood on the backs of my shoes and jeans after they rubbed my feet to death! | Another bedtime photo | Favourite shoes, so glad I got these over a plain pink pair! | Business cards from Moo | Murray’s best match ever, gutted he lost but he’s a legend! | Might frame my letter from ITV Yorkshire!

I’ve had such a good week! I got confirmation for my work experience at ITV Yorkshire on Tuesday and I’d known for about a week before but I wanted to wait until I had the letter confirming it all until I revealed all! I’ve got a day shadowing a journalist at Calendar News, which is the ITV regional news for Yorkshire. I’m so excited but nervous at the same time, it’s definitely going to be an amazing experience! Thank you for the lovely comments I’ve received, I really appreciate them! I’m a massive fan on Wimbledon too, I’ve been watching it for the past two weeks and I’m really happy Murray got to the final. Even though he didn’t win, he should be proud of his accomplishments. This year has shown us how much he’s progressing year after year and hopefully next year he’ll be taking the winner’s trophy home!

Katie xo

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Moo business cards

Moo are currently offering a free sample pack of business cards which include 10 cards and also free P&P, so there’s no charge at all. I haven’t given that much thought into getting business cards for my blog before, I’ve seen people get them before but I personally don’t see my blog as my ‘job’, just something I do because I enjoy it. I can’t remember why I decided to look into getting some, but I’ve heard of Moo before. When I saw they we’re giving 10 for free, I decided why not? The process is the same as it would be if you were buying them, just you can’t remove the Moo watermark, which you can do (with a charge) if you are buying them. I uploaded my main image for the front and then just added text to the back with all my details on. If I put more thought into it I would have probably created a graphic with my details in, like I did for the front but in all honesty I couldn’t be bothered at the time! I ordered them Monday afternoon and they came Thursday. I’m really pleased with them too! I choose the ‘green’ paper rather than the ‘Moo Classic’ because I thought I’d prefer the matte finish, plus it’s more environmentally friendly! I’m not sure if I’d pay for them, purely based on the fact that I wouldn't put them to use that often. I do like how you can get different effects, like the rounded corner ones which if I WAS to get some, I’d get the rounded corner ones!

Do you have business cards for your blog? Please be aware this is not a sponsored post AT ALL, just my completely unbiased opinions on a freebie worth mentioning!

Katie xo

Friday, 6 July 2012

Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in 'Peony'

I first heard about Chit Chat makeup in Look magazine ages ago. It’s a brand (as far as I’m aware!) that’s exclusive to Poundland, correct me if I’m wrong! Poundland is the green pound shop, whereas there’s Poundworld whose colour scheme is yellow and blue. Just a note because you can’t buy Chit Chat from Poundworld! I bought this in ‘Peony’ which is a lovely rose pink and is only slightly darker than the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse in ‘Lovely Rose’. The formula is really similar to the Rouge Caresse and Revlon Lip Butters too because it’s sheer and glossy without being sticky. It last quite a while, I had it on before I went out to eat last week and after the meal and drinks it was still visible but the gloss had worn off and I was left with more of a stain. To be fair, it’s not bad for £1! I’m not sure how many shades they’ve brought out because they were all just shoved onto two pegs in the shop and I only noticed a darker pink/red which wasn’t really my colour.

Have you guys heard of Chit Chat?

Katie xo

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hello Kitty x Vans

Shoes (3rd and 4th only) and backpack available from Office and Schuh
Whoever thought of a Hello Kitty and Vans collaboration is an absolute genius. Vans are my favourite footwear brand of all time and I absolutely adore Hello Kitty! I’ve loved Vans for years and my Vans Authentics in navy are my fave shoes ever! I love the whole skater/BMXer image and my ex skateboarded too (last mention of him, promise!) so I love how Vans look and they’re so comfy too. Without wanting to sound too indie, I do hate how everyone seems to have a pair now even though they don’t really know what Vans represent as a brand! I’ve tried to track down the clothing items but I think they might have just been realised in the US because I can’t seem to find them, please let me know if you find a stockist! I really really want the bag even though I won’t use it that much! I also bought the 4th pair, the Authentic blue pair as a payday treat on Friday. I can’t wait for them to come! I didn’t realise Vans had done a Hello Kitty collaboration until I saw the blue pair on the Office website and I did a little research and came across these beautiful goodies! What do you think of the Hello Kitty and Vans collaboration? Let me know what you think guys!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I’ve had this exciting news for a week now, but between email exchanges, I’ve wanted to wait until I have the full details to reveal all! I got the letter with everything in this morning! I’m not going to go into full detail, I’m not sure if it’s totally professional to do so but I HAVE WORK EXPERIENCE! It’s a day at ITV Yorkshire and I’m so excited! It seems really unreal and it’s something I’ve wanted for ages! I feel that in the past month or so life has really changed, at first I thought it was a negative change but now I feel really positive! I’m sure I’ll blog about it, its on 24th July which is exactly two weeks today!

Katie xo

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sunday Update 1/7/12

Mickey Mouse PJ bottoms, so cute! | 4 cheese pizza is the best | Caramel and toffee cheesecake for my Dad’s birthday | 6 pack of Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg <3 | Started re-reading Harry Potter, I do this EVERY year! | You Me At Six wristbands | Getting back in Tumblr after way too long | Epic rain down my street | Always love The Hills, Lauren’s so gorgeous! | Complete Race For Life for the 3rd year running!

Apologies for the long post this week! I didn’t do an update last Sunday, I can’t remember why to be honest! So this is two weeks worth of photos, hence why it’s so long this week! There was 4 more photos that I added too, but Photobucket is annoying and resized any images above a certain size, so I had to cut some out! The only way you can get the original size on Photobucket is to get a Pro account which has a monthly charge! I’ve started to re-ready Harry Potter which I’ve done every year since I got into the books when I was 9/10. I always do it every summer which seems kinda of OCD and sad but it’s always because when I was younger obviously you got 6 weeks off school in the summer and that was always the time I could properly sit down and read the books. I’m more looking forward to getting to The Goblet of Fire and all the ones after because I haven’t read those ones as much! Also me and Anna did the Race For Life yesterday! It was our third year that we did it! The first two years we walked the 5km track but this year because we’re both fitter, we decided to jog it. We ended up having to stop half the time because people we’re either in our way or there was LOADS of puddles and thick mud because of the rain we’ve been having! We’re going to train and run it next year!

I also have some really exciting news as well! I can’t say what it is yet until I get the confirmation sent to me, then I can spill! It’s something I’ve wanted for ages and I’m just really excited! Hopefully I’ll find out in the week so then I’ll let you guys know! Have a good week!
Katie xo