Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I wish for small things like losing this feeling

Instagram is probably one of the most popular apps going at the moment and I was so excited when it became available for Android! I love how normal photos can be transformed to pretty ones! I was bored one afternoon and decided to create a scrapbook filled with some of my Instagram photos I’ve taken. I thought over time it’ll be nice to look over some of the photos I’ve taken and uploaded. I haven’t done much so far, I’ve only printed off a few photos to start with and a created a little title for my scrapbook. The image that’s part of the title isn’t actually my own but one from We Heart It that I found and really liked, I just added the text to the image. I’m going to give each photo a caption and add little extras like song lyrics to the pages. I love having little projects to work on so I’m looking forward to creating this!

Katie xo


  1. Great idea - I can't wait to see how the album progress. :) xx

  2. I really love things like this! It looks like it's going to look fab! x

  3. This is a lovely idea! Way more interesting than your average photo album. I wish I could join in with the instagram fun but I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have a phone that can do it! xxx