Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I wish for small things like losing this feeling

Instagram is probably one of the most popular apps going at the moment and I was so excited when it became available for Android! I love how normal photos can be transformed to pretty ones! I was bored one afternoon and decided to create a scrapbook filled with some of my Instagram photos I’ve taken. I thought over time it’ll be nice to look over some of the photos I’ve taken and uploaded. I haven’t done much so far, I’ve only printed off a few photos to start with and a created a little title for my scrapbook. The image that’s part of the title isn’t actually my own but one from We Heart It that I found and really liked, I just added the text to the image. I’m going to give each photo a caption and add little extras like song lyrics to the pages. I love having little projects to work on so I’m looking forward to creating this!

Katie xo

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fave firming products

I recently bought this to help in my quest for a super firmed and toned body. I haven’t actually been pregnant (thank god) and while I have lost weight, my body isn’t particularly saggy but I thought I’d give this try with Sit Tight. I use this twice a day and I try to use it a few hours before I go to bed just so it gives it time to sink in and work a bit before I put Sit Tight on. I love this smell of this; it’s the typical Palmer’s smell of yummy chocolate. It leaves my skin feeling so soft too!

I’ve mentioned Soap & Glory’s Sit Tight XS before but only briefly. I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks now and I can say I have felt a difference in my skin. My thighs feel soft and smooth and really do feel a bit more firmer. I use it every night before bed and I roll it on my thighs to help tone and firm them. It can take a while to sink in, but I’ve found that if you roll it on then turn the nozzle to the ‘off’ position and carry on massaging it in, it sinks in quicker. As described, there’s a warming sensation when you sit down, which for me is after about 2-3 minutes after sitting down. Depending whether I put loads on it can get a really warm feeling which feels a bit strange but I like to think its working! I think I’ll get another weeks use out of this before it’s completely used up but I’m definitely going to re-purchase it when I’ve used it all! (just in time for payday!).

Katie xo

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Festival Season

I’ve never been to a festival before but I’ve always wanted to. My brother went to Leeds Fest a couple of years ago and he had an amazing time but hated the camping aspect and the general muddyness of a festival! I’ve found some bits and bobs that I thought would look great at a festival! It’s important to take things that are practical such as a backpack or a cross-body so you have your hands free and a jumper so you can easily cover up when it gets chilly in the evening. The face and body paint looks so cool, I know I’d have fun painting it on my face!

Are you off to a festival this summer? Let me know if you are!

Katie xo

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Update 17/6/12

Went without tights for the time in ages (didn’t actually venture out of my garden though!) | This stuff is amazing and smells so nice | My Mum went a bit OTT in the living room for the Jubilee | Cutest backpack ever (George at Asda - £12) | Venturing out for a walk with Anna | This is why I love TK Maxx! Essie polish is ‘Sand Tropez’ | I have this album on repeat, so good | New PJs and fat legs | Sent off a load of stuff I put on Ebay, the woman in the post office did give me a mucky look! | Bought some spray in colour on Thursday. Washes out really easily but does make your hair feel really dry!

I’ve collected a few photos from the past few weeks since I haven’t done an update in a month (!!!). That’s due to stuff I’ve already mentioned in a couple of posts ago but I’m back to blogging again. I ventured into TK Maxx yesterday and bought this Essie set for a bargain £7.99! They had a few colours, including a red, bright pink and a lilac but I have most of those colours already and not neutral beige, so I decided to get the set with ‘Sand Tropez’ in. It also comes with a basecoat which is cool too and they both work out at £4 each which is a total steal! I also got a body brush to use with Sit Tight and all the other body stuff I’ve bought recently. I never bother with body moisturisers or stuff like that (is that shameful to admit?), usually just the Garnier Summer body in the summer and that’s it. But in the past month or so I’ve bought loads of body stuff in the aim of getting my ‘dream body’. I’ve nearly lost 2 stone in the past 8 months and this has made me super aware of my body and how it’s changing and I decide I should take a bit more care of it. Whether any of this stuff works I don’t know, but hopefully I will notice a difference!

Also Happy Father’s Day to my lovely Dad! He’s had to put up with a lot from me in the past 6 years or so, but he’s always stuck by me and shown me unconditional love. Love you lots Dad!

Hope you have a lovely week guys!

Katie xo

Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer's here (kinda) and I'm back!

I’m back! Sorry for being M.I.A for a couple of weeks, my last post explains why. I hope you like the new layout! I got bored of my old one, which I only had for a few months but I felt it needed a change. I think this one looks a bit more professional and I made sure the quality is a lot better! Sounds cheesy to be like ‘I need a massive change!’ after a breakup, but I kinda felt like a layout change and getting back on track with blogging will help! Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do at first, but as my life has changed in the past couple of weeks and as they say, life moves on!

I’ve had this post in mind for a while now but since it’s June and (supposedly) the start of summer, I think its perfect timing. I always use more body products in the summer, I never really switch between different things in summer and winter, I just use more! I swear by these products, some are recent purchases but are something that I love already!

After taking forever to decide which sugar scrub I wanted next, I decided to go with this one purely based on the gorgeous smell! I feel like you could literally eat this (it isn’t actually edible obviously!) because it smells sooo good!

This is makeup rather than body care, but this is going to be a must for me in the summer! I started using this when it was really hot (in England!) a month or so ago. My skin is a lot better now than it was when I first bought this so I thought I’d give it a go. I hate wearing foundation in the summer, there’s nothing worse than it being a really hot day and your foundation basically melts off! This gives a nice light coverage and because it’s powder based, it doesn’t feel like I have any makeup on at all.

Bio Oil is one of those products that have such a big hype over, but you never get round to buying it. After pondering over whether to buy it for ages, I decided to give the cheaper 60ml a try. I’ve only been using it for just over a week and I use it on scars that I have, so I haven’t noticed any difference yet but I’m hoping I will! You have to use it twice a day (depending on what you’re using it for) for a minimum of three months, so I think it’ll be a while until I notice any difference.

I’ve used this since I was 17 and I love it! I’m way too nervous to try proper fake tan, knowing me I’ll end up looking like an actual orange! So this is the best thing for me! I make sure I use my body scrub before I put this on, so I don’t get any dodgy patches! It develops to a really nice colour for me and you’re supposed to apply it everyday until you get the colour you’re after, but once or twice it enough for me!

I haven’t been using this long enough yet to notice a massive difference, although I have noticed my skin on my thighs is really soft! It smells of peppermint which is really nice and I love how when you sit down it starts to warm up! My thighs are so wobbly so I hope this helps firm them up a bit! I have heard really good reviews about this so it’s definitely something I’m going to be using throughout the summer.

Katie xo
P.S - I'd like to thank everyone for all the lovely comments I got on my last post and to all my friends and family for the love and hugs! It might sound OTT but everyone's support have made me a lot happier!