Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Zara messenger bag

Everyone and their mother seem to have the Zara messenger bag at the moment, it’s definitely one of those things that once you see one blogger with, you have to rush out and buy it. I first saw it on Daisybutter, only Michelle has it in black. Then it’s cropped up on other blogs and giveaways and after seeing it a million times, I decided I have to have it! I’m a bag girl over a shoe girl, I have 3 big boxes stuffed with bags in my room. Oh dear.

It was a bargain at £19.99, which is so cheap and its amazing quality. I love everything about this bag, the shape, the feel, the colour. It’s a nice size, so I know I’ll be able to fit everything I normally have in my bag with room for extra bits and bobs. The delivery on this was amazing, which sounds a bit sad but it really was good! I ordered it Wednesday afternoon and got it Monday afternoon, which isn’t particularly super quick, but I got an email Friday night saying it had been dispatched and I got a text Sunday afternoon from the courier company saying it’d be delivered on Monday. Then Monday morning I got a text from the courier saying it’d be delivered between 14.44 and 15.44. I just love how I was kept updated on what day it would get delivered and at what time, even with an option of changing the delivery date by text. I was so happy with the service, I knew exactly when I would get my parcel!

Katie xo


  1. Ah thats a gorgeous bag, I haven't seen it before. Clearly been slacking in blogging haha.
    It's such a good price too!
    I love when they specify so much about your parcel, it makes waiting so much more bearable!!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. Such a gorgeous bag! I want it even more now. x

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..