Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Update 6/5/12

Date night with the boyfriend (finally got to see Cabin In The Woods after I scheduled the other weeks Sunday Update saying I was going to see it but plans changed last minute!)| Not the best film ever but I’ll watch anything with Seth Rogen in | Loveee my Vans, I added Primark cherry laces! | Got the bag of the moment | Date night outfit (wore the unicorn tshirt with black skinny jeans) | Gorgeous walk on Monday | The rain made me wear my snugly winter PJs | Found my Drop Dead shorts from when I was 17.

I’ve had a lovely week, it’s been filled with a lovely summery (for one day only!) walk near a canal, a date night to see Cabin In The Woods and a night in with my boyfriend. I stayed over last night after I finished work which was nice. I woke up this morning to another lovely sunny day! I’m not particular fussed about whether it’s hot or not, I just love waking up to see sunshine. It really does put a smile on my face! It’s my boyfriend’s birthday on Thursday, I think we’re going to go for something to eat and drinks to celebrate him becoming 2 years closer to the big 3-0. There’s a 6 year age gap but he has a baby face like me and he always gets mistaken for being much younger than he is! Have a lovely week guys!
Katie xo


  1. Love the unicorn tee!! :)

  2. Lovely photos :) aww I love Drop Dead lol.


  3. Ah it looks like you had so much fun!
    I LOVE your vans, and the added cherry laces are so cute!
    Hope your boyfriend has a good birthday :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  4. :) Hope your man has a good birthday babe.

    I'm the same, as long as there's sunshine I'm happy. :) xxxxx