Thursday, 17 May 2012

New Look & Neon

I love both neon and New Look, so when the two go together amazingly I’m a happy bunny. I don’t really stick to trends, I wear what I like, but I always tend to wear a few trends that creep in. In the summer, neon and pastel always come back, year after year and I love both. I’ve mentioned New Look quite a bit because I really do love New Look. I hardly ever shopped there until about 3 years ago when a New Look opened two shops away from where I work. I’m always popping in before my shift and usually coming out with a bag of goodies! New Look have some of the best neon pieces I’ve seen, including that amazing hair piece. I want that so bad! I actually have the yellow vest but in neon pink, but I want the yellow! It has a drop armhole, so you can either wear a bandeau top underneath or a bright coloured bra to clash. I personally like showing my bra a bit, not sure if it’s borderline slutty but reminds me of something Miley Cyrus wears who I love! I bought a pair of pastel pink high tops from Primark last week, which were more Converse style and I want more ‘trainery’ type high tops. The men’s t-shirt is so cute, I’m going to look for both that and the jewellery when I’m next at work! The necklace is AMAZING and it’ll look so cute with just a plain vest or t-shirt to make it stand out.

What are your favourite trends?

Katie xo

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  1. I love all 3: Neon, Pastels and New Look. This year they've got a pretty big range of these trends and that's always a good thing ; )