Monday, 9 April 2012

Sunday Update 8/4/12

1 – Outfit from the Tuesday.
2 – Sorted all my makeup out into tubs!
3 – Then moved them all into drawers so it’s all nice and organized!

The one negative aspect of having a blog is that I want to buy so much stuff after reading about it on people’s blogs. Or do so much, like organise my makeup! Everyone either has theirs in drawers or uses the Muji type acrylic drawers. I was tempted to get those for ages and had a little look online. I decided that if I was going to get them I’d look at them first in store to see how big they are. For ages I’d walk past the Muji store in Leeds and forget to go in, then the one week I remember and it’s closed down! Well I think it has, all the stock was gone! They look quite narrow from people’s photos and I prefer them deeper so decided to move some stuff from 2 mini drawers I have on one of my chest of drawers and use these. Stops all my makeup getting dusty! I was using a set of 3 stackable plastic things before but every so often something would fall out of them as I walked past (I have painted floorboards in my room!) and break :( Happy Easter by the way! I hope you got loads of eggs! I got 3 and some bags of mini eggs and some crème eggs too. Yum! I spent the day watching films and having a nice Easter Sunday roast with the family. It’s only really Easter and Christmas that the whole family is in together because usually me or my brother is off somewhere! Did you guys have a nice Easter?

Katie xo

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