Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Update 29/4/12

Hi guys! You may recognise these two photos as they were featured in Instagram #1! All the photos I’ve taken on my phone this week have been edited with Instagram, so I decided that rather than no photo at all, I thought I’d stick two up of my ugly mug for you! I’m not sure how I’m going to juggle these two types of posts, I may end up having ‘Instagram #1’ as the regular Sunday Update. Major news this week! The double murder suspect James Allen, who is suspected of killing a man in Middlesbrough and woman in Whitby was arrested this morning in Leeds RIGHT OUTSIDE WHERE I WORK. He was arrested on Crown Point Road and I work on the Crown Point retail park. He was arrested literally where my bus stop going to work is and smack bang opposite where I work. I was working till 10pm last night and the managers forced everyone (particularly girls travelling on their own) who got a bus home to get a lift/taxi home because he’d been spotted in Harehills (just outside Leeds city centre) on Friday. The third picture down in this article shows where he was arrested and my bus stop to work is on the left. I got home safe though, it’s so weird having somewhere you regularly go turned into a crime scene. I reckon I’m pretty lucky since I was near where he was caught only 9 hours earlier!

Katie xo

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