Thursday, 26 April 2012

Instagram #1

First ever Instagram | Can’t get enough of this song | Harry Potter mug I’ve had since Philosopher's Stone in 2001 | My Mum made this little cutie from the EDF adverts, everyone wants one! | Movie in bed night | Zac Efron, OMG | Getting so fed up of the rain now! | TOWIE is back!

I’ve loved the concept of Instagram since it first started to become popular but because at the time it was only available from Apple, I knew I couldn’t get it since I have an Android phone. Then it became available for Android, yayyy! The concept of editing photos isn’t a new thing, Photoshop and other software have been available for years, but the thought of having an app on your phone that can edit photos and add filters in a matter of minutes is amazing. I’m actually addicted to it, so long posting boring un-edited photos on Twitter, hello beautiful photos! It’s so ~hipster~ (even the way I’m saying hipster is hipster! Oh dear), but I don’t really care because deep down I’ll always be a bit hipster. I love these types of photos, like old school Polaroid’s and disposable cameras. I took a disposable camera to London last year and I loved the excitement of bringing my camera home to get developed. Although I did end up coming back with about 6 less photos because they had under-developed, oops! Some people do Instagram updates every week and I’m not sure whether I’m going to do one instead of my regular Sunday Update, it takes longer to edit the photos I took with Instagram than using the regular camera on my phone. I’ll see what happens I suppose!
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Katie xo


  1. I'm so tempted to get instagram but it would mean deleting loads off of my phone to make space for it! x

  2. Love instagram too... Nice px! :)

  3. Instagram is so addictive r/n. Love all your photos especially the EDF energy plushie your mum knitted! Keep posting :D x

  4. It looks so cool, wish I could get it for my phone. :(

    Zac Efron! <3
    I can't actually wait for his new film to come out at the beginning of May xxxxx