Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Update 29/4/12

Hi guys! You may recognise these two photos as they were featured in Instagram #1! All the photos I’ve taken on my phone this week have been edited with Instagram, so I decided that rather than no photo at all, I thought I’d stick two up of my ugly mug for you! I’m not sure how I’m going to juggle these two types of posts, I may end up having ‘Instagram #1’ as the regular Sunday Update. Major news this week! The double murder suspect James Allen, who is suspected of killing a man in Middlesbrough and woman in Whitby was arrested this morning in Leeds RIGHT OUTSIDE WHERE I WORK. He was arrested on Crown Point Road and I work on the Crown Point retail park. He was arrested literally where my bus stop going to work is and smack bang opposite where I work. I was working till 10pm last night and the managers forced everyone (particularly girls travelling on their own) who got a bus home to get a lift/taxi home because he’d been spotted in Harehills (just outside Leeds city centre) on Friday. The third picture down in this article shows where he was arrested and my bus stop to work is on the left. I got home safe though, it’s so weird having somewhere you regularly go turned into a crime scene. I reckon I’m pretty lucky since I was near where he was caught only 9 hours earlier!

Katie xo

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Instagram #1

First ever Instagram | Can’t get enough of this song | Harry Potter mug I’ve had since Philosopher's Stone in 2001 | My Mum made this little cutie from the EDF adverts, everyone wants one! | Movie in bed night | Zac Efron, OMG | Getting so fed up of the rain now! | TOWIE is back!

I’ve loved the concept of Instagram since it first started to become popular but because at the time it was only available from Apple, I knew I couldn’t get it since I have an Android phone. Then it became available for Android, yayyy! The concept of editing photos isn’t a new thing, Photoshop and other software have been available for years, but the thought of having an app on your phone that can edit photos and add filters in a matter of minutes is amazing. I’m actually addicted to it, so long posting boring un-edited photos on Twitter, hello beautiful photos! It’s so ~hipster~ (even the way I’m saying hipster is hipster! Oh dear), but I don’t really care because deep down I’ll always be a bit hipster. I love these types of photos, like old school Polaroid’s and disposable cameras. I took a disposable camera to London last year and I loved the excitement of bringing my camera home to get developed. Although I did end up coming back with about 6 less photos because they had under-developed, oops! Some people do Instagram updates every week and I’m not sure whether I’m going to do one instead of my regular Sunday Update, it takes longer to edit the photos I took with Instagram than using the regular camera on my phone. I’ll see what happens I suppose!
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Katie xo

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What's in my makeup bag 2

I did a ‘What’s in my makeup bag’ post back in January and looking at my stats, it was a popular post. Everyone loves to have a good old nosey at what products people use on a day to day basis, so that’s why I think these types of posts are always so popular! I’ve had a little change around since last time, most of the products are still the same, some are new. Since the last post I got a new makeup bag! I actually buy them all the time, mainly from H&M because they’re always so cheap! But I rarely find one that’s the perfect size. This one is from Tophop and I bought it when I was in London for £8. It’s a really unusual shape, when I bought it was flat and I had to adjust it so it went into a sack type shape. The thing that attracted it to me was the gorgeous lilac colour and the soft feel of it!

Simple Oil Balancing moisturiser – This moisturiser makes my skin feel really nice and it’s cheap too! I don’t particularly think it balances the oil on my face, but it does include zinc and corn starch which helps mattifies a bit.
Vichy Normaderm Hyrating Care – This is made for my skin type, basically if you have any type of imperfection going get this. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do really, it only had a little bit of information in English on it, but I figured using it won’t harm.
Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing primer – This doesn’t stop me from getting blemishes, but does make my makeup stay on a little longer and makes my skin feel super soft and ready for makeup.
L’Oreal Infallible foundation – I don’t use the brush on this, it’s pretty crap to be honest! But the foundation is nice, a decent colour match and does last quite a while
Maybelline Super Stay 24hr foundation – This does actually last quite a while, not 24 hours like it states but does last sometimes up to 12 hours with  touch-ups on my t zone throughout the day.
Rimmel Match Perfection concealer – I love this concealer, the best I’ve tried at concealing blemishes and dark circles.
17 Peep Show mascara – THEE best mascara I’ve ever tried! Really does give a false lash effect and it’s under £7 too!
Bourjois Khol & Contour eyeliner – The best eyeliner I’ve tried in terms of it not dragging across my eyelid and it’s nice and pigmented.
Collection 2000 Shine Away compact powder – I use this on my t zone and it does work at helping mattify my face. Really want to try the Rimmel Stay Matte one because I’ve heard it’s the best!
Natural Collection pressed powder – I use this sometimes if I know my makeup isn’t going to be on for long so I don’t need to use the Collection 2000 powder. Nice and cheap at £1.99 and it does give a matte finish for a few hours before I need to touch-up.
Rimmel blusher – This is in ‘Santa Rose’ and I recently found it when sorting my makeup out. It’s not normally a colour I’d go for but it really does give a nice natural colour that doesn’t look too OTT.
L’Oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick – These are much better than the Revlon Lip Butters, much sheerer and glides on so smoothly. I have 6 of these and I they leave a hint of colour to my lips.

Katie xo

Monday, 23 April 2012

There's no place like home

Bit of a random post really! I’ve seen a few home type posts around and I’ve wanted to show you my new bedding since I bought it so I thought I’d do a post on it! It’s probably the most anti-feminism thing to say, but I personally feel because I’m a girl, I’m naturally homely. I can’t wait until I move out, get my own place and put together my dream home. I haven’t made concrete plans to move out, I’ve only thought about it in the sense that I’d love to have my own place at some point. I love my room at home, it’s massive and a little part of my house to call my own. I’d love to decorate it but I don’t want to spend loads of time and money if I end up moving out in a year or so. So fancy bedding is my way of having a change around of the way my bedroom feels!

Onto the bedding! I bought all the bedding from Asda a few weeks ago. I fell in love with the duvet set, I love the contrast of the pink flowers on the white background! My favourite bit of my new bedding is the amazing pink polka dot fitted sheet and pillowcases! The pillowcases came in a pack of 2 for £2, the fitted sheet in a single is £5 and the duvet set £9 but I got in when it was lowered in price to a fiver. My whole bedding set came in at £12, an absolute bargain! I also love the feeling when you get into bed and you have new bedding on, so comfy and cosy!

Where do you get your bedding from? Let me know!

Katie xo

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Update 22/4/12

1 – Afternoon movies / 2 – Neon pink drop arm hole vest from New Look, so cute but so bright! / 3 – Raspberry ice tea from Costa

Sorry for the lack of posts this week guys! I’ve been busy (kinda!) but I’ve had no inspiration what so ever, I know that’s bad for me to admit, but because of this, I haven’t been taking time away from my busyness to do a post. I’ve had a pretty good week this week! I went for a walk with Anna on Monday, we’re going to do the Race For Life this year, which will be our third year! So we decided to get doing some exercise in the form of long walks, like 4/5 miles. It’s really nice to go out and explore where we live, I don’t often check out where I live that much because I’m either working or going out shopping or just staying in! I also got a free breakfast from Frankie and Benny’s on Friday from work, because I’m totes a good colleague! I had pancakes with red berries and icecream, I got the mick taken out of me for that because everyone was sat there with big cooked breakfasts and I’m here with my ‘dessert’. Still yummy! There’s a Frankie and Benny’s literally opposite my work and it was nice of them to pay for us for a breakfast. I did have to get up really early for it though! My One Direction tickets came too! I thought they wouldn’t come until closer to the time like normal, but I got them a year early. Hope this year goes quick! I also got Instagram after it FINALLY became available for Android phones. It’s got such hype over it and it’s basically a mini Photoshop app for your phone, so nothing new but it is a nice gimmick. I’m katiefireworksxo so follow me if you have it!

Have a good week guys!

Katie xo

Monday, 16 April 2012

New Look friendship bracelets

I love friendship bracelets, they remind me of what I was a kid and you could get those packs to make your own friendship bracelets. My two favourite trends for the spring/summer is neons and pastels, both are so cute and summery so when I saw these bracelets in my local New Look, I knew I had to get them! Both packs of bracelets were £3.99 each and New Look currently have a buy 1 get 1 free promotion on jewellery and hair accessories at the minute. I love a bargain! I saw the neon ones first and I wasn’t going to get them if I didn’t see anything else I wanted because I wanted to make the most out of the offer but not just buy something else for the sake of it. Then I saw the pastel ones and knew I had to get those too! The neon ones come in a 3 pack, two of the bracelets are made up of neon cord with one having glass beads in it. The other bracelet is made up of clear glass beads. The pastel bracelets come in a pack of 6, 3 of them are the classic kind of friendship bracelet and the other 3 are plain glass beads. The neon bracelets are available online but the pastel ones aren’t available online yet.

I’m not sure how long the other is on for but it’s definitely worth checking out! Let me know what you guys get with the offer!

Katie xo

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Update 15/4/12

1 – What I wore on Thursday when me and Anna went for a walk, so nice and sunny!
2 – Princess ring from New Look!
3 – My brother found this on the floor at Primark (he works there!) and got it for me. I was so excited and apparently I said OMG about 10 million times!

It’s been a quiet week really with it being Easter weekend last weekend! I got 3 eggs, 3 crème eggs, a bag of mini eggs and a tube of mini eggs. All been eaten now though! I love Easter, mainly because it’s a nice excuse to stay in with the family for a couple of days and slob on the sofa eating chocolate and watching movies! I’m not up to much next week, so it’s going to be pretty boring! I am going to see Cabin in the Woods today, I haven’t seen a film since last November and it’s supposed to be really good with a twist on other horror films! I’ve got some more posts planned for next week, including a haul of stuff non-beauty stuff I bought in London. Check out my London beauty haul post here! Have a good week guys!

Katie xo

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' concealer in 'Ivory' - available here

I bought the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer as part of the Boots 3 for 2 offer. I was considering trying out the foundation but I’m fed up of spending money on foundations and not getting on with them, so I decided to go with the concealer. I got ‘Ivory’ and it’s an ok colour match, if a little dark for me. I actually use another Rimmel concealer, the Match Perfection concealer, also in ‘Ivory’ and that’s a better match for me. Pretty weird how they both have slightly different colour on me yet are called the same! I’m not a massive fan of this concealer. I find it more ‘wet’ than the usual Rimmel concealer I use and it doesn’t seem to dry like my other one. I find it less concealing than my other Rimmel concealer and doesn’t cover up any redness or dark circles as well as the Match Perfection concealer.  I like how it’s got a wand with it because it always makes it easier to apply. It’s not going to go un-used but I probably won’t be repurchasing! If you like the foundation then you’ll probably like the concealer because I’m sure they’ll be quite similar!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Topshop Crayon

Topshop Crayon in 'Whisper' - currently unavailable online but other shades available here

I’m a massive fan of golds and bronzes when it comes to my eye makeup, so when I saw this Topshop crayon in ‘Whisper’ I knew I had to get it! It’s a lovely soft yellow gold crayon, in a twist up case. I love the packaging, as with all other Topshop makeup products. It was £7.50 which is more than I’d normally spend on an eye crayon, but I’m happy to pay more than I usually do because the packaging it lovely and the crayon is amazing. It’s so soft when I apply it and doesn’t budge or crease when you’ve put it on. This can be a bad thing if you want to blend it for a softer finish, but you can do this quickly after you’ve applied it. I love how it’s rounded at the top rather than pointed, because this makes it easier to apply and a lot easier to get a softer line on my eyelid. It’s such a strong metallic finish and I love it! ‘Whisper’ isn’t available online, but I really want it in the other shades, ‘Mystical’, ‘Ramble’ and ‘Sunshower’ which is a gorgeous brighter gold.

Katie xo

Monday, 9 April 2012

Avon Advance Techniques Dry End Serum

Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum - available here

It’s safe to say I’m not a hair person what so ever. I never do anything with my hair other than wash it every day I go out and brush it. I get my fringe cut every 6 weeks or so and get the ends trimmed a bit, depending on whether they need it or not. I use a hairdryer to dry my hair if it’s still feeling a bit damp before I go out, but apart from that I don’t use anything to damage it like straightners because my hair is naturally poker straight. I’ve also never dyed my hair! My ends do look a bit knackered after a while so I decided to try out this Avon serum I’ve had for like 2 years that I’ve never used. Ooops. This stuff is amazing! I’ve been using 2/3 pumps of serum as directed on the bottle on the mid-length and ends of my hair every night for the past week. The morning after the first night I used some and my hair felt great. The ends of my hair feel like its just been cut, that kind of heavy feeling. I only use it at night because my hair is really fine and any product, even hairspray makes it look really crap and awful. Plus it means it can be on for at least 8 hours making my hair all nice and lovely. I checked the latest Avon catalogue (I can’t remember the number but has something about 20th anniversary of a product on the cover) and I couldn’t find it, but I had a look on the website and it’s on the website at half price at the moment. I wasn’t sure if it was still available because I’ve literally had it for like 2 years. Cannot recommend this product enough!

Katie xo

Sunday Update 8/4/12

1 – Outfit from the Tuesday.
2 – Sorted all my makeup out into tubs!
3 – Then moved them all into drawers so it’s all nice and organized!

The one negative aspect of having a blog is that I want to buy so much stuff after reading about it on people’s blogs. Or do so much, like organise my makeup! Everyone either has theirs in drawers or uses the Muji type acrylic drawers. I was tempted to get those for ages and had a little look online. I decided that if I was going to get them I’d look at them first in store to see how big they are. For ages I’d walk past the Muji store in Leeds and forget to go in, then the one week I remember and it’s closed down! Well I think it has, all the stock was gone! They look quite narrow from people’s photos and I prefer them deeper so decided to move some stuff from 2 mini drawers I have on one of my chest of drawers and use these. Stops all my makeup getting dusty! I was using a set of 3 stackable plastic things before but every so often something would fall out of them as I walked past (I have painted floorboards in my room!) and break :( Happy Easter by the way! I hope you got loads of eggs! I got 3 and some bags of mini eggs and some crème eggs too. Yum! I spent the day watching films and having a nice Easter Sunday roast with the family. It’s only really Easter and Christmas that the whole family is in together because usually me or my brother is off somewhere! Did you guys have a nice Easter?

Katie xo

Thursday, 5 April 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse

Swatches L-R / 03 Lovely Rose, 07 Cheeky Magenta, 301 Dating Coral, 501 Nude Ingenue, 01 Fashionista Pink, 202 Impulsive Fuchsia.

The L’Oreal Rouge Caresse and the Revlon Lip Butter have both had a bit of hype on the blogosphere, more so the Revlon Lip Butter from what I’ve seen. The Rouge Caresse appealed to me more purely on the sleeker packaging. I’ve picked up 6 Rouge Caresse lipsticks so far and there are 10 shades in the collection. I probably won’t get the other 4 but only because they aren’t really the colour I normally go for. I haven’t heard as much hype about these compared to the Lip Butter but they are basically the same concept just different brands. I picked up my first, 03 Lovely Rose just before I went to London with a couple of other makeup things. It retails at £7.99 in both Boots and I think Superdrug (they aren’t availably online but I think it was £7.99 when I went in the shop). Both Boots and Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment so you can get 3 of these for the price of 2. Love a bargain!

Onto the actual lippies. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of full on lip colour because personally I don’t think it suits me. I’d love to wear a bright red lip but it really just doesn’t suit me. I tend to like really suitable colours and stains. If I buy a bright colour, I’ll just dab it on for a subtle hint of colour. These give a hint of colour with a nice lightweight feel. They have a bit of shine to them, like a mixture of a gloss (but not sticky), with a normal lipstick and also a balm. They feel lovely on my lips and I absolutely love them. I actually bought a Revlon Lip Butter yesterday and I prefer the Rouge Caresse because the packaging is nicer and they feel more lightweight on my lips than the Lip Butters.

Also I changed the layout and theme on my blog on Monday. I hope you like it! It’s not a massive change in the sense that I kept the colour scheme more or less the same, but I did a new header, background, introduction image, links along the top which are clickable and a general tidy up to make it look a bit better! I’d love it if you would let me know what you like and dislike!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Beauty haul

L-R / Real Techniques core collection brushes, L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks, Vichy Normaderm deep cleansing purifying gel, Vichy Normaderm hydrating care, 17 powder brush, L’Oreal Youth Code luminize serum, Maybelline dream nude airfoam foundation, Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, Model’s Own nail polish in Pink Fizz and Magenta Divine, Topshop nail polish in Flamingo Coral and Topshop crayon in Whisper.

These are all bits and pieces I picked up in London and after I came back. I have 6 of the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks, my favourite is 03 Lovely Rose. I’m going to do a review on these separately because they are AMAZING.  I bought the Vichy Normaderm hydrating care cream after seeing an advert for it in Look magazine. It was £12 from Boots and you get the face wash free which is really good because it’s 100ml so is basically a full size free product. The cream is for blemishes, pores, shine, oily skin, imperfection marks and irregular complexion which is my skin summed up in 6 words. I’ll probably do a review of this when I’ve used it a bit more than I have as I’ve only had it since Tuesday. I tested out the Maybelline foundation yesterday and it’s pretty rubbish to be honest. I knew that because it’s a foam it’ll be a light coverage which is why I got it. I’m planning to use less foundation in the summer, or a tinted moisturizer, once my skin is better so I bought this hoping it’ll do the job with a little concealer. My only issue with it is that the colour is awful. I picked the lightest shade (I got Ivory) and when it comes out it’s basically orange and leaves a slight orange tint to my face. I can never get a foundation light enough to match to my skin tone, I’m currently using Maybelline 24h Superstay in Light Beige and although that sounds like it’ll be super dark, it’s actually the lightest shade and an ok colour match for me but not perfect. I’m considering buying the Dainty Doll liquid foundation but not sure about the £22 price tag. I’m pale but not uber pale so I think I’m going to go to Boots and test the samples out first! Has anyone ever tried the Dainty liquid foundation?

Katie xo

Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunday Update 1/4/12

1 – New additions to my collection of shorts! L-R; New Look, George @ Asda and Primark.
2 – Cute necklace I bought from Topshop in London!
3 – First ever purchase of Topshop makeup I got in London.

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been quiet since I got back from London, I’ve been SO busy. I’ve basically been out all day on my days off, then working as normal. The update is late (again, so sorry guys!) because yesterday I spent all day sorting my wardrobes out and tidying my room and totally forgot about the Sunday Update. I’m such a bad blogger! I have a couple of haul posts coming up, one with makeup and beauty stuff and one with clothes etc, all that I bought whilst in London! I’m missing London so much, it’s awful when I get back, have to unpack then it’s back to work and back to reality!

I’m re-designing the blog as well, because I get really bored really quickly! It all stems back to the MySpace days when I’d get bored of my profile page after a few days and was constantly changing HTML around and stuff like that! I’ve been bored of it for a while, I’ve just never got round to changing stuff!

Katie xo