Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Haul Part 1

Over the past week or so I’ve acquired quiet a bit of stuff even though I’ve had a bit of a shopping ban because I was A) skint and B) saving for London. I got paid on Friday so made some purchases! I’ve got a mixture of clothes and beauty stuff, so I thought I’d spilt them into two posts rather than one really long post! I’ll do the clothes and accessories one first!

L-R / London bus top – Primark, Sunglasses – Primark, Butterfly vest – H&M
I got all of these when I went shopping on Monday. The two tops are a perfect fit; I’m really picky on fits of tops. I hate it when they’re really long and I hate it when they’re too short. Both skim my bum which I love! The sunglasses were a quid from Primark and I’m going to take them to London! I also bought a new pair of black skinny jeans from Primark which I forgot to photograph, but they’re just plain black skinnies, nothing exciting!

Bag, shorts & belts all New Look
I bought all of these from New Look when I got paid on Friday. I LOVE the bag and it was only £19.99 which isn’t bad since it feels really nice quality! I’ve wanted a new pair of denim shorts, all my others are too big! I love the vintage, 90s feel and my brother is kindly lending me one of his Iron Maiden t-shirts to wear with these in London because I think it’ll look really cool! The belts are a two pack, which are on offer at the moment for £3 instead of £4.99. I love daisies and these are perfect to wear with my shorts!

Have you guys bought any new goodies? Let me know!

Katie xo


  1. The bag is my favourite thing you bought I think :) I'm lusting after a monochrome one in New Look at the minute, thank God it's payday soon! Also, what does the Primark London bus top say 'year' something? Looking forward to seeing your beauty hall!

  2. New Look do AMAZING bags and they're always cheapish! This was £19.99 which isn't bad because it feels really nice quality! The Primark top says 'a year to remember', I didn't realise I'd chopped it out until I uploaded the post! Oopps! :) xxx