Thursday, 29 March 2012

London 2012


I have only just had time to get my photos up from London! I got back on Monday and I’m really missing London! I miss the tubes, the places, everything! I don’t think I can live there (wayyyy too busy!) but I definitely love staying for a few days!

I’m trying not to make this post really long in case I bore anyone so I’ll give you a quick run through of what I did whilst I was there!
Thursday – Arrived in London! We didn’t really do much because we arrived late afternoon, so we unpacked and had an explore of the area around our hotel.
Friday – SHOPPING! We went to Harrods in Knightsbridge then braved Oxford Street. We spent all day shopping and got a bit tired come tea time so we went home after going up half of Oxford Street.
Saturday – We went to see Wicked! We met up with Anna’s mum and her sister who were seeing it with us. We got the tickets like a week before we were going, so it was a last minute decision. We got the tickets for £10 because Anna’s mum gets tickets cheap from where she works and the normal price was £60+ so we saved over £50! Was pretty gutted really, I didn’t realise until I was queuing outside that Matt Willis from Busted was in it (fan girl slipping here!) and Busted are my absolute fave band (even before One Direction!) mainly because they ARE my teenage-hood! Anyway, some other guy played Matt’s part for this show, I’m not sure why but I was so gutted!
Sunday – SHOPPING AGAIN! We went to M&M World and I accidently managed to spent just over £38 on pick and mix M&M’S. OOPPS. Didn’t realise how much I put in my bags until I went to the till. I had two big bags and they’ve nearly all got eaten! We went on Oxford Street again and spent the rest of the day on there, going to the places that we didn’t managed on Saturday.
Monday – Home time :(

I was going to do captions for the photos, but that will make my post a uni essay length and that will just bore you silly so please comment if you want to know what a particular photo is! I’ve got a couple of haul posts planned with all of my stuff I bought; I’m planning on posting those some time over the weekend/next week!

Katie xo

Thursday, 22 March 2012

BRB London

As you’re reading this I’ll be on a train heading from the North down South to London! I’m back On Monday 26th, so I won’t be able to do a Sunday Update for this week. However I promise when I get back I’ll do some posts about my trip! See you in a few days guys!

Katie xo

Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunday Update 18/3/12

1 – The Olsen twins looking as gorgeous as always in April’s Elle magazine.
2 – My better late than never birthday card from my boyfriend. He wrote the sweetest message in it.
3 – The t-shirt is my brothers which he’s lending me for London because it looks pretty cool with my new shorts! P.S Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten to take the tag off my shorts! :)

A pretty late post (again!), which is only late because yesterday was Mother’s Day (obviously) and I spent the day spoiling my lovely Mum. Love her to pieces! London is only 3 days away (EEKKKK!), I go on Thursday and come back Monday afternoon. I’m so excited and we’re going to see Wicked now (last minute and a long story!) on Saturday which I’m looking forward to! I have a busy week before London; Tuesday me and Anna are going out for something to eat and Wednesday we’re going into town for last minute stuff, then heading home to pack!

Have a good week darlings!

Katie xo

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Haul Part 2

The second part of my haul is all my beauty kind of stuff! I went and got myself my first ever Glossybox after hearing of the limited Harrods edition one. Everyone raves on about how people expect full size stuff in their box and whilst this is pretty cool, I think I’m going to unsubscribe because I personally don’t feel that it’s worth £13. The majority of the samples are ok sizes for samples, like the Clarins cream and shower gel are both 30ml and 50ml, but the perfume sample is one of those tiny bottle things that you literally get 2/3 sprays out of and are usually given out free in department stores. After seeing some spoiler boxes, I really wanted the YSL Forever serum and the Burberry lipstick, which I got both so I’m a happy bunny! I’m glad I’ve tried it out but because it was a limited edition one the samples are a little bit better from what I’ve gathered from posts on other boxes. It’s not for me but I’m sure other people get it every month and love it!

L-R / Studio Stippling brush, Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint in Guava, Studio Corrective Concealer - Erase & Conceal
Made my second ever E.L.F purchase on Thursday night and my stuff arrived on Saturday morning! My first order was quick too, even when I ordered a couple of days before New Years Eve, I got it on N.Y.E even though I thought because it’s a busy time I’d have a wait a while! Such good service! I bought the stippling brush after wanting the Real Techniques one. I still think I’ll buy the Real Techniques one when I’m in London because I’ve heard good stuff about it. I haven’t actually used any of the stuff I got properly, apart from the lip tint which is lovely and makes my lips really nice and soft. I bought the corrective concealer because I have a bit of uneven skin tone without makeup on and I’m hoping this will sort that out! By the way, the colours of the concealer are a little bit darker than in the photo, I couldn't get a decent photo with a true colour!

What do you think of Glossybox and E.L.F?

Katie xo

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Haul Part 1

Over the past week or so I’ve acquired quiet a bit of stuff even though I’ve had a bit of a shopping ban because I was A) skint and B) saving for London. I got paid on Friday so made some purchases! I’ve got a mixture of clothes and beauty stuff, so I thought I’d spilt them into two posts rather than one really long post! I’ll do the clothes and accessories one first!

L-R / London bus top – Primark, Sunglasses – Primark, Butterfly vest – H&M
I got all of these when I went shopping on Monday. The two tops are a perfect fit; I’m really picky on fits of tops. I hate it when they’re really long and I hate it when they’re too short. Both skim my bum which I love! The sunglasses were a quid from Primark and I’m going to take them to London! I also bought a new pair of black skinny jeans from Primark which I forgot to photograph, but they’re just plain black skinnies, nothing exciting!

Bag, shorts & belts all New Look
I bought all of these from New Look when I got paid on Friday. I LOVE the bag and it was only £19.99 which isn’t bad since it feels really nice quality! I’ve wanted a new pair of denim shorts, all my others are too big! I love the vintage, 90s feel and my brother is kindly lending me one of his Iron Maiden t-shirts to wear with these in London because I think it’ll look really cool! The belts are a two pack, which are on offer at the moment for £3 instead of £4.99. I love daisies and these are perfect to wear with my shorts!

Have you guys bought any new goodies? Let me know!

Katie xo

Monday, 12 March 2012

Twenty Two

On Wednesday 7th March, me and my brother Luke turned 22! We both didn’t do that much on our actual birthday, but family came up like they do every year! We both didn’t get much in terms of presents from our parents; I only got a blouse and the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and my brother got some Paul Smith aftershave and the Alan Partridge book. We both got money too, I’m putting it towards London in just over a week and my brother is putting his towards a new bass guitar. I got Luke a CD he’s wanted for a while and a t-shirt and he got me a Jack Wills t-shirt and Eclipse on DVD. I love the last photo of us two; we hardly ever get photos taken together because he generally hates getting photos taken with me (even though he’ll smile happily for photos with his mates!) but it’s always at occasions he has to pose with me! It’s quite funny actually, I’m wearing the top Luke got me for my birthday in the photo and he’s wearing the top I got him!

Katie xo

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Update 11/3/12

1 – My Dad made these signs on my birthday and put them all around the house, so lovely!
2 – My first ever Glossybox!
3 – Sneak peak at some goodies I bought in New Look!

Hi guys! I’ve had such a good week! My birthday was on Wednesday, 22 years old! I’m getting so old, I can’t believe I’ll be 23 next year! Life is going so quick, I feel like I’m not living it to the full sometimes! I’ll do a full post on my birthday with photos and stuff. Thank you to people who wished me happy birthday on here or on Twitter, means alot! Me and Anna are going shopping tomorrow for some last minute bits for London, it’s 11 days today till we go! We’re so excited, I LOVE London. I love everything about it, the shops, the things to see, the atmosphere! When we went last year, I really felt like I belonged there. Like when you go on holiday to somewhere, whether it’s in England or abroad and you really feel like you could live there, London is like that for me! Only if I’m completely honest I really couldn’t live there, too many people! At some points me and Anna had to hold onto each other so we didn’t get separated! I’ve saved up a ridiculous amount of money and I can’t wait to hit the shops with it! I need loads of clothes to because I’ve lost a stone and 2lbs so far and most of my clothes are falling off me. So when I get back from London I’m going to have a clear out and as painful as it’ll be, chuck out clothes that don’t fit anymore.

I have a couple of posts coming up in the week, including a haul post because it was payday on Friday so I’ve bought myself a few goodies! Have a good week guys!

Katie xo

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

7th March 1990

This is scheduled post because at the moment I’m currently celebrating my 22nd birthday! The top photo is of me and my brother (I’m a twin!) when we were 45 minutes old! I’m on the left and Luke is on the right. The bottom photo is of us on holiday last summer. It’s the only decent recentish one I have of us both. We both haven’t changed much, only I’ve lost a bit of weight since then! It’s also 15 days until I go to London! So excited!

Katie xo

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sunday Update 4/3/12

1 – Tried the new Cadbury offering – so delicious!
2 – Really loved the Look 5th birthday special!
3 – Downsizing my makeup bag ready for London! I added just the stuff that I use everyday with just a couple of blusher and lip choices.

The update is late AGAIN, because of personal reasons. Whenever stuff happens it always seems to happen at the weekend and I always never feel up to doing a post! Sorry guys!

The major news for this upcoming week is that it’s my birthday on Wednesday! (the 7th). I’ll be 22! I’m getting so old, I still feel 18 inside! I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on here that I’m a twin, so I’ll be sharing my birthday like I have done for the past 22 years with my brother, Luke. I’m going into town tomorrow to get the rest of Luke’s presents, I’ve only bought him a CD so far and I don’t have a clue what else to get him! I’ll do a post on my birthday (scheduled though!) and I might put a cheeky then and now photo of us in!

Have a good week guys!

Katie xo