Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Skincare Heroes

My skin over the past year or so has been REALLY bad. Before then it was a typical oily t-zone with the odd spot scenario. Since around February last year I’ve been getting spots CONSTANTLY. Not just the odd one, I’d get at least 3 really painful under the skin ones, that would take about a week or so to start going down and by the time they started to more or less go I’d get some more painful ones. I’ve even had some spots that have taken ages to go down and when they start showing signs of going down, they flare up again. It’s safe to say Sudocrem has been my best friend over the past year! I get my spots mostly around my chin and jaw line and I’ve read on loads of blogs/websites/magazines that it’s likely to be hormonal reasons and that you could be prescribed the pill to sort your skin out. I thought about going to the doctors about it but I wasn’t really sure if they’d be able to do anything but decided to make an appointment in January this year anyway. I was given two prescriptions for Co-cyprindiol and PanOxyl (Aquagel).

Basically this is a form of the Pill, but is usually only given as an acne treatment although it does double up as contraception. I take it for 3 weeks and then have the usual 1 week break. Although I’ve only just started on my second pack, I am seeing a slight difference. My skin seems to be less oily and although I have had a few spots since I’ve been taking it, they’ve been small ones and not like the ones I used to get at all! Because it’s contraception as well, this meant I got some awkward questions asked by my doctor but it did mean I got it free rather than paying the £7.40 I think for prescriptions!

PanOxyl (Aquagel)
You can actually buy this in Boots for around £3-£4 and I did see it on the website well before I was prescribed it. I put the gel on at night on my spots and areas where I get spots usually and it really sinks into my skin. The only issue with this is that it’s quite strong (apparently contains bleach so be careful of dyed fabrics!) and can leave my skin really dry where I’ve applied it. It does mention this as a side effect, so rather than put it on every night I’ll put it on every other night. My doctor said this works best when used in conjunction to the Pill although I’m sure you can use it even if you’re not on the Pill.

I have hardly been using this at all; probably the last time I really used it was before I went to the doctors. I did use it A LOT because it really helped my spots go down. It’s always there though if I have a painful spot which needs to go down quickly.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel foaming facial wash
I use only this face wash now, I use to alternate depending what was a new product or what Boots had on offer. I think in the past I’ve basically tried every new face wash, I’m a massive skincare geek! Tea Tree and Witch Hazel is supposed to be good for skin, so I stuck with this wash. My skin feels really nice and clean after I use it and to be honest, my skin feels the same as it would with any other wash, but I like how it’s quiet calming and soothing because it’s a foam. Once a week I use a scrub to get rid of all the crap from my skin. I’ll be totally honest about the mistake I made for ages, I did use to use a scrub on my skin every day, twice a day, mainly because I didn’t think it would do my skin any harm. I did do that when my skin wasn’t like it was a few months ago, but I have read that using a scrub too often strips away the essential oil therefore producing more oil. My bad. The one I’m using at the moment is an Avon Clearskin Professional deep pore scrub which really makes my face feel really cool and has that tingly feeling you get with Salicylic Acid (which it contains).

I hope this has helped anyone with problem skin! My skin got me really down and it got to the stage where I would have easily cancelled plans if my skin looked mega awful one day and just hide at home. I never did because it’s a bit of a sad excuse but I would have easily done it if I didn’t want to let people down. If you have bad skin, definitely go to the doctors and don’t put up with it, there’s always a solution out there!

Katie xo


  1. Fortunately I've never been in such a position but when I do hae a break out, I used Savlon instead of Sudocream but it bascially does the same thing, its definitely a life saver :)

    My brother had acne in his teens and he got perscribed a drug for his skin too and it worked miracles, so many people complimented him once it cleared up. They're definitely worth the hassle :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. Very informative post!