Friday, 17 February 2012

London Wish List

I’ve mentioned in some posts that me and Anna are going to London in March for 4 days. We went last year at the same time to celebrate our 21sts. Mine and Anna’s birthdays are both at the beginning of March and are 12 days apart, so it’s always easy to do joint birthday stuff! I bought loads of stuff last year and I’m hoping to take more money this year to buy more stuff! I’ve put stuff I’ve seen that I fancy buying in London on a list and I decided to look for some other stuff online that takes my fancy. I might not get everything on my list, but I’m hoping to get the majority!

The thing I’m mainly after is a new pair of Vans. I bought a pair last year after wanting some for absolutely ages. I got a pair in navy because I wanted some that would go with everything but I didn’t want to go with a boring colour like black, so opted for a pair in navy. I wear them to death and they are so comfy. I really like this floral pair, which I saw on Amazon, so I’m hoping they have them in Selfridges where I got my last pair from. I’m really after some YSL lipsticks and some nice makeup from MAC and Topshop. The bag and shorts are both from Topshop and I love the pastel tie-dye effort on the shorts. I don’t really need another shopper style bag because I have LOADS. I keep buying them, I have ones from Topshop, Jack Wills, everywhere and I hardly ever use them because I prefer proper handbags. But it’s so cute and I love the floral print on it. I want something expensive-ish from London that when I look at and remember that I got it in London. I do that with my pair of Vans but I really want this Juicy Couture friendship bracelet because I love neon pink and it’s so lovely!

Katie xo


  1. Gorgeous items babe, have to say I do love the ombre shorts, so gorgeous xx

  2. I love the bag and the shoes! Very pretty.
    I loved reading your blog so I'm now following it=)

  3. I am so in love with those shorts! xx

  4. Love the floral vans! I bought some red ones recently, and can't take them off! hehe xxx