Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Skincare Heroes

My skin over the past year or so has been REALLY bad. Before then it was a typical oily t-zone with the odd spot scenario. Since around February last year I’ve been getting spots CONSTANTLY. Not just the odd one, I’d get at least 3 really painful under the skin ones, that would take about a week or so to start going down and by the time they started to more or less go I’d get some more painful ones. I’ve even had some spots that have taken ages to go down and when they start showing signs of going down, they flare up again. It’s safe to say Sudocrem has been my best friend over the past year! I get my spots mostly around my chin and jaw line and I’ve read on loads of blogs/websites/magazines that it’s likely to be hormonal reasons and that you could be prescribed the pill to sort your skin out. I thought about going to the doctors about it but I wasn’t really sure if they’d be able to do anything but decided to make an appointment in January this year anyway. I was given two prescriptions for Co-cyprindiol and PanOxyl (Aquagel).

Basically this is a form of the Pill, but is usually only given as an acne treatment although it does double up as contraception. I take it for 3 weeks and then have the usual 1 week break. Although I’ve only just started on my second pack, I am seeing a slight difference. My skin seems to be less oily and although I have had a few spots since I’ve been taking it, they’ve been small ones and not like the ones I used to get at all! Because it’s contraception as well, this meant I got some awkward questions asked by my doctor but it did mean I got it free rather than paying the £7.40 I think for prescriptions!

PanOxyl (Aquagel)
You can actually buy this in Boots for around £3-£4 and I did see it on the website well before I was prescribed it. I put the gel on at night on my spots and areas where I get spots usually and it really sinks into my skin. The only issue with this is that it’s quite strong (apparently contains bleach so be careful of dyed fabrics!) and can leave my skin really dry where I’ve applied it. It does mention this as a side effect, so rather than put it on every night I’ll put it on every other night. My doctor said this works best when used in conjunction to the Pill although I’m sure you can use it even if you’re not on the Pill.

I have hardly been using this at all; probably the last time I really used it was before I went to the doctors. I did use it A LOT because it really helped my spots go down. It’s always there though if I have a painful spot which needs to go down quickly.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel foaming facial wash
I use only this face wash now, I use to alternate depending what was a new product or what Boots had on offer. I think in the past I’ve basically tried every new face wash, I’m a massive skincare geek! Tea Tree and Witch Hazel is supposed to be good for skin, so I stuck with this wash. My skin feels really nice and clean after I use it and to be honest, my skin feels the same as it would with any other wash, but I like how it’s quiet calming and soothing because it’s a foam. Once a week I use a scrub to get rid of all the crap from my skin. I’ll be totally honest about the mistake I made for ages, I did use to use a scrub on my skin every day, twice a day, mainly because I didn’t think it would do my skin any harm. I did do that when my skin wasn’t like it was a few months ago, but I have read that using a scrub too often strips away the essential oil therefore producing more oil. My bad. The one I’m using at the moment is an Avon Clearskin Professional deep pore scrub which really makes my face feel really cool and has that tingly feeling you get with Salicylic Acid (which it contains).

I hope this has helped anyone with problem skin! My skin got me really down and it got to the stage where I would have easily cancelled plans if my skin looked mega awful one day and just hide at home. I never did because it’s a bit of a sad excuse but I would have easily done it if I didn’t want to let people down. If you have bad skin, definitely go to the doctors and don’t put up with it, there’s always a solution out there!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I’ve read on a few blogs over the past couple of days that Google Friend Connect is closing as of 1st March. So if you want to keep connected to my blog, the link to follow my blog via Bloglovin in below! Also I’ve created a Facebook page for my blog, I’ll be posting blog updates etc on there! Thanks guys!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Update 26/2/12

1 – Finally got round to eating these I got from TK Maxx. I love the cute message on them!
2 – Attempted to curl my hair last night. Apologies for my PJs making an appearance! The curls lasted about an hour and a half before I was back with straight hair! Hate having my hair sometimes! Anyone recommend something that will make the curls last longer but isn’t too heavy? I have really fine hair so anything too heavy makes my hair look mega greasy!
3 – No words can describe my excitement at finally getting tickets to see One Direction!

Hope you’ve all had a good week guys! My week has been pretty good! It’s 3 weeks on Thursday (OMG) until me and Anna go to London! So excited! It’s also a week on Wednesday until my 22nd birthday! I’ll probably be mentioning this a lot in the next few days because I’m so excited but secretly dreading the fact that I’m slowly drifting away from my teens. I seriously still feel like I’m 18! Suppose it doesn’t really help in the way that I’ve hardly changed since I was 18! Spent yesterday morning frantically buying One Direction tickets although I did think for a while that I wouldn’t get any because all the ticket websites crashed on me! I have to wait a year though! I spent the rest of my day off work going to see my Nanna and Granddad which was lovely, a quick visit to see Anna at work and watching my TOWIE box set. I don’t have anything major planned for this week; I’m really poor until I get paid which isn’t for another 2 weeks! Have a good week guys!

Katie xo

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nineteenth of March Two Thousand and Thirteen

19th March 2013 is the date of when I’ll be finally getting to see my boys. Tickets went on sale this morning at 9am and me and my Dad got up early to get them! It was extremely tense up until 9am, when both Ticketmaster and Gigs and Tours crashed! Started to panic, Ticketmaster crashed for ages and so did Gigs and Tours until Gigs and Tours finally worked. We added the tickets into our basket but then put us in a queue because of the amount of people wanting tickets! Ticketmaster finally worked and we got our tickets! Me and my Mum are going to the Sheffield one and she doesn’t mind at all because she loves them, but not as much as me obviously! Really thought I wasn’t going to get any but sooooo happy I got them in the end! Not bad seats either, not the best but we are on the side and quite near the stage so I’m a happy bunny! I booked holiday from work today, I usually work until 10pm on a Saturday (worst shift ever!) so it’s the perfect way to spend my day off! I haven’t had a holiday off work since August either so glad to have a nice rare Saturday off! I’m going to see my Nanna and Granddad later on, then I’m going to spend the rest of the day watching my TOWIE box set and listening to One Direction! Have a lovely weekend guys!

Katie xo

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Favourite Jewellery

You may be thinking that the photo looks a little different to how I normally take photos, but that’s because I decided to change the way I take photos of products for this one post. I used a good old scanner to get an image of my current favourite items of jewellery. I’m not the most creative and imaginative person ever, but one day I had the idea of showing you what pieces of jewellery I love and using a scanner just popped into my head as the perfect way of getting an image. I edited the colours and stuff, to make it look less like it was taken in a scanner and here it is! I’m quite chuffed with this actually, using a scanner is just as good as an expensive camera because it takes such a HD image it’s unbelievable!

L-R, Top – Bottom / Daisy bracelet – Primark, Blue gem necklace – ASOS (gifted), Pink heart & arrow necklace – New Look, Chain and diamond necklace – Primark, Neon pink friendship bracelet – Primark, Gold charm bracelet - Peacocks.

Anyway, back to the jewellery! Some of the stuff looks really OTT, but I wear it with a plain top so it really stands out and doesn’t look too over the top. I ALWAYS wear jewellery, I hate not wearing anything, not that it often happens! I always rotate what necklace I wear and sometimes I’m always asked what necklace I have on today because they always change! Most of my jewellery collection is just made up of high street stuff; Primark is the absolute best for jewellery. The most expensive bits I have are probably some Disney Couture things I have but I always get those for my birthday or for Christmas. Everything pictured here is pretty old I’m afraid, apart from the heart and arrow necklace which is from about December last year! I’ve had the blue gem necklace since my 18th birthday, so it’ll be 5 years old in March!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Versatile Blogger Award... AGAIN!

I've some how got another Versatile Blogger Award! The lovely Emma from Emsipop has given me the award! So happy! I was excited the first time I got one and I’m ecstatic the second time I’ve got one! Now I am quite lazy and I struggled to think of seven things to tell you guys without boring your socks off the first time, so I’ve decided to cheat a little (sorry guys!) and just give you the link to my first post in case you haven’t read that! I’ve given the award to the lovely Emma who awarded it to me in the first place because her blog is lovely! You may have noticed that I haven’t given a list of people who I’ve awarded it to apart from Emma, but that’s because the laziness has taken over again, I did award it to people before so that’s my excuse! Thanks again Emma!

Katie xo

Monday, 20 February 2012

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen for Glamour magazine UK

I cannot describe to you guys how much I’m in love with Elizabeth Olsen. In my teens I was a major Mary-Kate and Ashley fan; I have everything from books, DVDs to hair curlers and perfume. You name it I had it. It’s only in the past few months that Elizabeth has been in the press with the recent film Martha Marcy May Marlene, which she plays the lead role. I think she’s utterly gorgeous and I was so excited to open the March issue of Glamour magazine to see a feature on her, including these gorgeous photos! She looks so cute and pretty in the photos! Actually wish I was her.

Also, I’m so jealous of the amazing bloggers who get to go to LFW, I’d give an arm and a leg to go there! It would satisfy my clothes and makeup obsession for a good year!

Katie xo

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Update 19/2/12

1 – Randomly decided to listen to my entire Britney Spears collection, brings back so many memories of when I was a teenager!
2 – One Direction – One Thing single finally came from HMV. I get all of their singles!
3 – Wearing my P.N.T jumper (more info below!)

My week started off pretty crap, long story but kind of finished ok I suppose. The last photo is what I wore to go shopping with Anna. The jumper is from a music business that a friend from work is involved with. P.N.T (People Need Tunes) a music business thing that represents unknown artists that haven’t been signed to a record company, in the aim of helping them get their big break. I’m lucky to work with one of the guys involved and he’s so lovely! I also work with another guy who’s helping to advertise P.N.T. Its 5 weeks until me and Anna go to London on a mega shopping spree! So excited! You can check out what I want to buy in my wish list post!

Katie xo

Friday, 17 February 2012

London Wish List

I’ve mentioned in some posts that me and Anna are going to London in March for 4 days. We went last year at the same time to celebrate our 21sts. Mine and Anna’s birthdays are both at the beginning of March and are 12 days apart, so it’s always easy to do joint birthday stuff! I bought loads of stuff last year and I’m hoping to take more money this year to buy more stuff! I’ve put stuff I’ve seen that I fancy buying in London on a list and I decided to look for some other stuff online that takes my fancy. I might not get everything on my list, but I’m hoping to get the majority!

The thing I’m mainly after is a new pair of Vans. I bought a pair last year after wanting some for absolutely ages. I got a pair in navy because I wanted some that would go with everything but I didn’t want to go with a boring colour like black, so opted for a pair in navy. I wear them to death and they are so comfy. I really like this floral pair, which I saw on Amazon, so I’m hoping they have them in Selfridges where I got my last pair from. I’m really after some YSL lipsticks and some nice makeup from MAC and Topshop. The bag and shorts are both from Topshop and I love the pastel tie-dye effort on the shorts. I don’t really need another shopper style bag because I have LOADS. I keep buying them, I have ones from Topshop, Jack Wills, everywhere and I hardly ever use them because I prefer proper handbags. But it’s so cute and I love the floral print on it. I want something expensive-ish from London that when I look at and remember that I got it in London. I do that with my pair of Vans but I really want this Juicy Couture friendship bracelet because I love neon pink and it’s so lovely!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Top 5 albums

I’m a massive music fan; I have been since I was little! I get it off my parents and because of this, I know loads of stuff from the 60s, 70s, 80s etc. My music taste over the past few years has only changed a bit. When I was  kid going into a teenager it was all about pop, with my favourite band being Busted. I still love them, I cried so much when they split up! When I was around 15/16, I started getting into rock, emo that kind of music that was around at the time. At the time it was all about My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Lostprophets and any other band that wrote about sad things. I did get into a load of bands that were not as big at the time that have gone into being bigger bands. That phase is still with me, only when I was 16 the only pop band I’d listen to was Busted and that was it, now I’m more in to pop again! It was more when I was 18 that I started to get into more pop music again and that’s carried on! Here are the top 5 albums that I’m currently listening to!

L-R, Top – Bottom
1 – One Direction / Up All Night
I haven’t done them really in order, but I suppose it’s not surprise that One Direction are first! I can’t believe how far these boys have come since the X-Factor. They have made me so proud! The album is mega pop filled and it reminds me of when I was in my Busted days. I don’t have a favourite song because I love them all, but I currently love ‘Moments’ which is on the ‘Yearbook Edition’ of the album. I have both copies because I’m a mega fan girl!

2 – You Me At Six / Sinners Never Sleep
I got this for Christmas and I have been listening to it not stop since! I’ve loved these guys since they first came out and their music style has changed a little from their ‘Save it for the bedroom’ days but only in the sense that I feel like they’ve grown up a bit more! I love ‘Crash’ because it’s the one slow song that they do on every album and I always love them! ‘Fireworks’ from their second album ‘Hold Me Down’ is one of my favourite songs ever and what I named my blog after!

3 – Deaf Havana / Meet Me Halfway, At Least
I’ve only been into this band for the past year or so and it’s one of a few bands that both me and my brother like. I don’t think they get enough credit because they are bloody amazing. My favourite song is ‘Nicotine and Alcohol Saved My Life’ because it is truly amazing. The last 50 seconds or so is the best ending to a song I’ve ever ever heard. Whenever it comes on Kerrang! me and my brother are always singing along!

4 – The Wanted / Battleground
Another album I got for Christmas! Typical pop album, but it only has a couple of slow songs and the rest are really upbeat, so it’s a great album to listen to if you’re in a good mood! ‘The Weekend’ is such a good song, really makes me feel happy!

5 – Fall Out Boy / Infinity On High
Infinity On High is quite an oldish album, it’s been out since 2007, but it brings back so many memories of when I was at Sixth Form! My favourite album is actually ‘From Under the Cork Tree’ but I haven’t listen to Infinity on High as much, so that’s why I’ve been listening to it a lot!

What are your favourite albums?
Katie xo

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday Update 12/2/11

1 – My parcel from Boots with my Chanel mirror. I get so excited when I get things in the post!
2 – Couple of treats from Boots on Saturday.
3 – Cheeky heavily edited photo of me using a photo editing app on my phone! Cringe!

Sorry I’ve been a little bit M.I.A over the past few days or so. Sunday Update is a bit late than I liked but couldn’t be helped! I’ve had a rubbish weekend and I actually stayed in on Sunday but I didn’t feel up to doing a Sunday Update. Everything is sorted now, so things will be back to normal! I haven’t promoted my blog much since Wednesday so I need to crack on doing that and just general bloggy things that I haven’t done in a few days! Hope everyone has had a good week, mine’s been pretty boring as per! Planning a few more lifestyle type posts for the next few days because I realised I don’t have that many despite the fact that I consider my blog as a lifestyle one! Only because I don’t know enough about fashion or beauty to class it as one!

Katie xo

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Natural Collection lipsticks

Top image, L-R – Sorbet, Apple Blossom, Candy Mist and Rose Petal
Bottom image (swatches), L-R – Sorbet, Apple Blossom, Candy Mist and Rose Petal

I’ve bought a few Natural Collections bits over the years, I mainly only buy the powder regularly and buy other bits and pieces here and there. Everything is £1.99 and sometimes they do an offer for 3 things for £5 which is pretty good. I bought 2 new lipsticks the other day from Boots to add to slow growing Natural Collection lippy collection. I have 4 now and I really like them. I only tend to go for natural, soft kind of colours, nothing too harsh because I don’t suit really bright lips. I do have a few bright colours, which I dab on for a hint of colour rather than apply it like normal. These are probably not the best lipsticks for staying power, but because I’m not a massive lipstick user I’m not fussed. The two I bought yesterday are ‘Apple Blossom’ and ‘Rose Petal’, both quite similar actually. You can see how I like natural kind of colours, I didn’t really realise until I put them all together. My fave is ‘Sorbet’ because I can put loads on but it’s a really natural nice colour. I’m definitely going to re-purchase it when I’m running low. The swatches aren’t the best, with flash on the photo looked really harsh. I only put a little bit on my hand and you definitely need to build up the colour with these lipsticks if you want a deep colour.

Have you guys ever bought any Natural Collection stuff? What do you think of it?
Katie xo

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mini Haul

A pretty random post in the sense that it’s a mini haul post rather than a full blown haul. I’m on a strict ‘no spending on unnecessary purchases’ (the necessary being stuff beauty essentials and my weekly magazine haul of course) until end of March when me and Anna are going on a shopping spree to get new clothes and stuff for London. Until then I’m supposed to be limiting myself, however last Friday I realised I had a little more money to last me till I get paid this Friday. Instead of putting some of it aside for London, I decided to get a couple of things since I haven’t treat myself to something nice in a while. First up is the best O.P.I Rainbow Connection dupe I’ve seen, the Technic Carnival. I first saw it on etc llymlrs and I knew I had to get it! I mentioned in this post how the Body Care I went to in town didn’t have it, so I decided I’d buy it online some other time. I bought it from Amazon for around £2.69 I think with free P+P. It looks amazing on, although I’ve only done it on one nail because the rest we’re already painted with another glitter nail varnish, but the varnish on my pinkie finger came off so I used that to test it out. Definitely my favourite polish at the moment! My second and probably fave purchase for a long time is my Chanel mirror. I’ve wanted one for at least 3 years and I’ve always been put off because of the price. It was £23 for a mirror, which everyone I’ve told have told me I’m crazy for buying it, but I have wanted one for ages! It comes in a cute little pouch (which it should do really for the dollar I paid for it!) and it’s amazing. It’s my first high end beauty buy (technically it’s an accessory) and I think buying this will wean me onto spending a bit more money on makeup than I normally do. Although I’ve always thought myself as a high street makeup girl (which I will be forever!) all girls like to have a little bit of luxury in their lives!

Also, a quick mention that I now have a banner that you can use on your blog if you want to support me. The code is on the right hand side. I would love it if you could find the space on your blog to support me! Thanks guys!

Katie xo

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Next’s Valentine’s gift and outfit selector

SPONSORED POST We’ve all been there – 4pm on the 13th Feb, a hot date lined up for the Valentine night and PANIC! Nothing to wear and no gift bought for your loved one. This year, Next comes to the rescue by playing Cupid’s assistant with their Valentine’s Gift and Outfit Selector. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, if you are worried about what to buy the love of your life, you can use the app to answer a few easy questions about your loved one and the Gift Selector will ingenuously come up with gift ideas suited to their personality. OR if you are looking for outfit inspiration, it takes just a few clicks to give the outfit finder all the info it needs to come up with a smoking hot Valentine’s Day outfit. And the good news for the less organised amongst us... you can order before 9pm for Next Day Delivery service. If you still need more choice, you can see a further selection of dresses and shoes to make the perfect Valentine’s outfit on Let’s help couples everywhere this Valentine’s day by spreading the word about this Cupid’s assistant! Happy Valentine’s with love from Next X

I received an email from Next Blogger Network the other day mentioning the Next’s Valentine’s gift and outfit selector. I tried it out and it’s pretty cool! I haven’t really thought what I’m doing for Valentine’s Day or what I’m wearing either. I have got a cute t-shirt that has hearts on, so I think I’ll wear that maybe in keeping with the love theme! I’m not sure if this post is classed as a sponsored post, I think it kind of is? Let me know if you guys think it isn’t!

Katie xo

Sunday Update 5/2/12

1 - Munched on a packet of fizzy Haribos and read some Grazias, including the double Christmas issue that I decided to re-read!
2 - TOWIE IS BACK! Lauren G definitely looks better as a brunette!
3 - The snow down my street!

Hi guys! Hope you’ve all had a good week! It’s been a good week until the end of the week, when it suddenly became a really sad end to the week. I’m not going to go into details because it’s not something that has happened to me personally, but it’s just extremely sad. I’ve treated myself to a couple of things online, one is a nice bargain and the other is quite expensive for what it is! But I’ve been wanting one for agessss, so I decided to buy it after I realised I had more money that I expected to last me until I get paid on Friday. I’ll do a post when they both come, I hate waiting for stuff in the post because I’m too inpatient but then I love the excitement of seeing a parcel with my name on! Are you guys loving the snow? I love snow when I don’t have to go out but hate it when I have to go to work in it! I was at work till 8pm yesterday, I was supposed to be in till 10pm, but they let us go early. But they let us out too late because by the time I got out the roads we’re really bad, all buses were cancelled and no taxis which resulted in me and my mate from work (who happens to live near me) spending a Saturday night after a 8 hour shift walking 4 miles home in the snow. Great! We both couldn’t get lifts so it resulted in us trekking the long journey home! Took us an hour and a quarter and it was definitely the worst Saturday I’ve ever had! I was planning to go see my boyfriend today but I’m spending the day with loads of cups of tea, my PJs on and reading magazines. Hope you all enjoy the snow guys!

Katie xo

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hello Kitty/Liberty eye shadow compact

I shouldn’t really do a review of this Hello Kitty/Liberty eyeshadow compact because it was only available from Boots as part of the Christmas gifts that they do! I’ve had a look on EBay and there are a few bits from the Christmas collection available to buy, this one is pretty cheapish to buy! I got it for Christmas from my parents, but I actually went into store to buy it. It was £8, so if anyone is lucky enough to get the one I linked from EBay, you’ll be saving yourself £1.50ish. I hadn’t used it when I took the photos, but I knew I wanted to mention it on here. The thing that drew me to it initially is the mega cute packaging! I love Hello Kitty so I jumped at the opportunity to get this! The compact is a good quality, it feels nice to hold (if that makes sense?) and comes with a mini brush which is good quality. I was chuffed when I opened it and it had a brush in instead of one of those rubbish sponge things. I don’t actually use the brush, I use another eyeshadow brush that’s a bit bigger but it’s nice to have it there if I want to use it. It also has a mirror in which has a cute hello kitty at the bottom right hand corner. The eye shadows are really soft and easily blend able. The top row is more day time and the bottom is more night time, but of course you can mix them up. My favourite is the 3rd one in on the top row; it’s a lovely pearly nude that I like to wear during the day. I’m really into eye shadow palettes at the moment because you can have loads of colours in one handy palette. When I get paid I’m going to try and get my hands on MUA’s Heaven and Earth palette because it’s like the Naked 1 and 2 palettes without the ridiculous price!

Katie xo