Monday, 23 January 2012

Sunday Update 22/1/12

I haven’t had chance to take any photos on my BlackBerry this week, I feel like I’ve been really busy and I’ve just not had the chance to! The photo was taken from our hotel bedroom last March in London when me and Anna went to celebrate our 21sts, which are 12 days apart! We’re going again in March and we got the hotel booked over the weekend and we picked up the train tickets today. So excited! I’ve gone from a faithful BlackBerry user for nearly 2 years to a Samsung user! I bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace over the weekend and it came today! I’ve been getting it all set up this afternoon and trying to get used to it! My Dad has the same phone so I’m getting him to help me get it all sorted! Also I think my USB pen is corrupted as well, I have to format it which looses all my stuff! So annoyed its unreal, I have all my blog stuff on there and photos! I have to try and find all my stuff on other computers and USB pens I have kicking around to try and get most of my stuff back! :(

Katie xo


  1. Lovely! I hope to visit London someday:)



  2. Awwh I love London, hope you have a fab time hun. :)

    So jealous of your new phone. ;) xxx