Tuesday, 31 January 2012

It's beautiful people like you, who suck the life right outta my heart

Jumper: H&M
Vest (underneath): New Look
Shorts: Primark
Tights: Primark
Ballet pumps: Primark
Jewellery: New Look, River Island, Stall on holiday, Clarie’s 

First outfit post! I’m not sure if I’ll do these a lot, I prefer to do posts on beauty stuff and random bits. It’s probably because it’s more effort to set up my camera and get some decent photos of what I’m wearing. Also what I wear never particularly stands out as ‘fashiony’ or is something I think people will be like “Wow love your outfit”. But I thought I’d give it a go! I’m not as posey as I used to be, back in the MySpace days I’d take shed loads of photos of myself (oh dear!) and I’d look ok in them, these days I take an ok photo once in a blue moon. These will have to do!

This is what I wore on Sunday when I went to my boyfriend’s although I had to do a quick last minute change and change the shorts for black skinny jeans because it was mega raining! Without wanting to sound like a fashion geek, I’m kind of channelling the S’S 12 trend of pastels which is my favourite trend of S’S. I don’t really ‘do’ trends because they change so much, but pastels were in last S’S I think? I love pastel colours, so cute and summery. I got the jumper last year and it’s a really nice soft pink. It’s getting a bit big on me now because I’ve lost a bit of weight since I bought it. I bought the shorts ages ago but they were a bit tight but they fit me now! In fact I think they’re a little bit too big on me! I got the pumps from Primark a few weeks ago for £4. Got to love Primark prices! They won’t last me forever, but I have a million pairs of ballet bumps because I wear them all the time, the only time I don’t is if it’s raining or snowing. I get most of my ballet pumps from Primark as well, so they don’t break the bank and I tend to rotate them quite a lot!

Katie xo


  1. Your shoes are adorable hun, especially for £4! xx

    1. Thanks babe! Primark always have nice shoes! :) xxx

  2. Where is the necklace from it's really cute? Love your shorts also


    1. Thank you! It's from New Look, I bought it before xmas but they might still have it! xxx

  3. So pretty! Looove those flats! And the knit is the perfect color!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out!

    ox from NYC!


    1. Thank you! I'll check out your giveaway! Love your blog btw, so cool! xxx