Thursday, 1 December 2011

Style Crush: Pixie Lott

There’s always at least one celebrity that people look up to for style inspiration, in my case, I have loads! But Pixie Lott always shines through for me. I’ve yet to find an outfit on her that I either don’t like or wouldn’t want to wear. I wouldn’t wear EVERY outfit Pixie wears, mainly due to the fact that most of her outfits consist of teeny tiny hot pants. Her style is so cute, and she never seems to put a foot wrong. She’s the ultimate festival Queen; her outfits are always so amazing come festival season! She can wear a mixture of something cute like in the third picture, to something a little more out there like in the fourth picture. Her style has massively progressed from when she first came out; it was all about sequins, hot pants and biker boots when she first came onto the music scene. Now she tends to wear more sophisticated clothes such as blazers and pretty blouses. Whenever I see a photo of her, or see her on TV, I always get the impression that it’s her own style, rather than a style that’s been created by a stylist, and she’s wearing something that’s she pulled out of her own wardrobe. Below is a look that I've put together that is something that I think Pixie would wear!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Do you like Pixie’s style? Who’s your style crush? I’d love to hear from you guys!

Katie xo


  1. i love her style too i think it's great :) i have a lot of style icons and they vary quite a bit, but i always love brigitte bardot!



  2. I love pixi Lott's style she always looks really cute but stylish! :) xx