Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I hate this town, it's so washed up

Have you all had a good Christmas guys? Mine’s been pretty good! Stuffed my face beyond belief and I have a massive gift bag filled with chocolate that I've accumulated over the past couple of days! I’m not sure how long that’ll take me to get through! I spent Christmas day opening presents, eating and watching films with the family, which is what I love about Christmas! Boxing Day my aunt, uncle, nanna and granddad came up where I got more presents! I've been spoilt so much this year! It was definitely a One Direction Christmas since I got a One Direction calendar, wristbands x2, Up All Night Yearbook Edition album, t-shirt and a poster from Universal Poster which is amazing (and expensive!) because it’s signed and has a message, which isn’t physically signed by them, but the message and the signature is a replica of their handwriting and signature. AMAZING! I got everything I asked for, including my Jack Wills union jack bag, which I hinted to my brother for and he even kept it in the amazing bags they put stuff in at Jack Wills. I got the usual stuff, pjs, perfume, bath stuff, CDs, DVDs, things like that, but I absolutely adore all of my presents!

What did you guys get? I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted!

p.s Sorry the blog title is a little depressing, I’ve been listening to A Day To Remember a lot recently and I forgotten how amazing they are!

Katie xo

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick post to wish all my lovely followers and readers a Merry Christmas! This post had to be scheduled unfortunately because I wanted it to be posted on Christmas Eve, but I have to work it! So whilst you’re reading this, I’ll probably be getting annoyed by last minute shoppers. Oh the joys of retail! Christmas at my house is going to be quiet one as per usual! My nanna and granddad usually come up every year on Christmas Day, but are coming up on Boxing Day with my aunt and uncle instead. It’ll be the first year out of all my 21 years of being alive that I won’t see them on Christmas Day! My boyfriend is spending Christmas at his parent’s with the rest of his family which is about 37 miles from me, so it sucks that I won’t see him over Christmas! I’m hopefully spending New Years at his though, so should be nice! Blogging will be a little quiet over Christmas, but posts should be back to normal around the 28th. I will no doubt be posting up photos of my Christmas goodies too! Thank you to everyone who has followed, commented and read my blog, all of your support has made me one happy bunny! Have an amazing Christmas guys and dolls!

Katie xo

Thursday, 22 December 2011

What I Want

Sorry for not posting since Sunday, the last week before Christmas has been pretty crazy! Here’s a list of the things that I so desperately want in my life! I’m hoping that in the next couple of months I’ll own all of these beauties!

E.L.F Cosmestics
I’ve heard of E.L.F for absolutely ages, but I’ve never actually bought anything from the website. The prices are really cheap, just for some reason I’ve never got round to buying anything. I’ve seen loads of bloggers give reviews on E.L.F and I’m getting the general impression that it’s a really good brand! Over the past few months I’ve seen a few bits and bobs that I’ve mentally added in my ‘what I’ll get chance to buy at some point in my life’ list. Here’s a list of the products that I want!

- Mineral Blemish Kit / £6.00
- Kabuki Brush (Face) / £3.50
- Mineral Foundation (Fair) / £3.50
- Total Face Brush / £1.50
- Studio Makeup Must & Set / £3.50

Also, what do people think of mineral foundation? I’ve wanted to try it for ages, but I’ve only ever seen expensive ones and I hate spending loads on a product that I end up hating! What’s the coverage like? I usually have a medium/heavy coverage because I have some freckles, redness and spots that I like to cover, but mineral is supposed to be better for skin. I’d appreciate it if anyone uses a mineral foundation and would fill me in!

Feel Unique Beauty Box / £9.95 per month

EVERYONE and I mean everyone (or at least bloggers!) seem to get some form of a beauty box, whether it’s Feel Unique, Boudoir PrivĂ© or GlossyBox. I’m more attracted to the Feel Unique one for some reason, I’m not sure why! I don’t really buy high end products, because I’ve spent so much money in the past on high end stuff that I don’t use anymore because it isn’t for me. For just under a tenner you get some pretty good samples and not the rubbish sachet things you get stuck in magazines and have absolutely no product in them!

Harry Potter Hardback Box Set

I’m a MASSIVE Harry Potter fan, I have been since I was first given The Philosopher’s Stone when I was seven. I have all the books, just because they’ve been shared between me and my Dad (the two HP fans in my house!) they’ve become a bit tatty. I’ve tried to keep them in as good condition as possible because I hate seeing books become tatty. I have the first three books in paperback, the rest in hardback and I’ve wanted the full set in hardback for a while now. It’s mega expensive but as a fan I feel like I should bite the bullet!

Hope you guys all have a good Christmas! I have a post lined up for Christmas Eve, so make sure you have a nosey on Christmas Eve if you’re not too busy doing last minute stuff or eating mince pies!

Katie xo

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Update 18/12/11

1&2 – Bought the jumper and top from New Look yesterday. Ended up spending £58 on the jumper, top and a pair of shorts which I’m taking back because I realised I spent too much! The jumper is my fave colour at the moment! It was £19.99, but scanned up at £22.99, so keep your eye out if that happens for you! I didn’t realise until I got to work and had to go back! Sorry for the cheeky bra flash, I was only trying it on to show you guys, so I didn’t bother to put a black vest underneath. I’ll obviously be wearing one underneath when I go out!
3 – The boyfriend’s Christmas presents! Took me around 3 hours to wrap, I wanted them to look perfect! Such a geek! It’ll take him about 3 minutes to unwrap 3 hours of work, but whatever!
4 – I always like to get the winner’s single, so I had to get this years! So happy a group won the X Factor!

It’s been a pretty strange week this week, mainly because I made plans to see my boyfriend last Sunday, which got rearranged to Tuesday, which ended up rearranged again to Thursday. I had fun when Thursday finally came, we spent all day watching South Park (him), How I Met Your Mother (him again) and about 30 seconds of Teen Mom 2 (me). I gave him his Christmas present too, although he’s not allowed to open it for another week! How crazy is it that it’s Christmas next week? Time flies by too quickly! Just another three months and I’ll be 22, which I actually want to try and forget about, I hate getting old! Next week’s update will be either a little early or a little late, obviously because next Sunday is Christmas Day! I might do it either Friday this week or beginning of next week, depends how crazy busy Christmas is!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

When it's broken, you say there's nothing to fix

Photo & text heavy post!
A totally random post guys, I hope you don’t mind! I thought I’d show you some random photos that I love and that have been taken over the past year. I’d consider my blog as a lifestyle blog, whilst I’m into fashion and beauty like the majority of bloggers, I feel like I don’t know enough beauty and fashion stuff to class it as a fashion/beauty blog. The main reason I set up my blog is because I love talking about anything, whether its fashion, beauty or stuff about my life. Without wanting to sound like I’m criticising other blogs, I get so unbelievably bored of just seeing outfit post after outfit post. Yeah, I do like to see them because they often give me inspiration on how to style an outfit, but they’re often accompanied with “…I got the skirt from blah blah, the top is from blah blah…”. I’m not saying I’m never going to post a photo of what I’ve worn, because I have in the past, just it’s not going to be the main focus of my blog. It’s not very often that I see a blog that really inspires me, but Cat’s and Ashleigh’s really stand out for me. Their posts are a mixture of anything from fashion stuff, beauty reviews and stuff about what they’ve been up to and generally stuff about their life. That’s what I love the most because it’s so unpredictable and they take a risk posting ‘non typical’ posts. I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant, it really isn’t! Just sometimes I think bloggers don’t want to take a risk posting other stuff because they think readers will be bored with non fashion/beauty stuff. Being super nosey, I’m more likely to read a post about what you did during the week, rather than what you wore one day. I'm pretty new to the blogging world, so some people may say that I don't know enough to say what I have, but I'm more interested in making my readers interested in the sutff I post rather than getting as much blog views as possible!

Moving on, I hope you guys like the photos! I’ve added really random ones in but that’s because I’m pretty random most of the time! I thought I’d introduce my brother into my blog (7), I’ve mentioned about my blog to him but he hasn’t actually seen it, so I hope he doesn’t because I’m not sure if he’d mind me posting a photo of him! He’s my twin and he’s two minutes older than me! (Alwaysssss uses this fact as ammo sometimes!) The photo was taken by my Dad on holiday this year and although I think I look horrible, I love the photo! The landscape type photos are all from over the past year ; Me and Anna went to London in March for our 21st birthdays which are 12 days apart! (4,5,6). There’s a couple of random ones from when me and Anna went to Liverpool for a couple of days in July (3) and we stayed in a Premier Inn on the Albert Dock and one of inside the famous Cavern club in Liverpool when me and my parents went in September (1). The last two (8,9) are of my cute reindeer necklace which I’m defiantly going to be wearing on Christmas day and my festive inspired outfit from Monday. I’m actually wearing navy cord shorts from New Look and tights, but because of the dodgy lighting (hate flash!), it looks like I’m wearing black jeans. Thank you if you’ve read up to now, sorry for the long winded post about nothing in particular! I appreciate all of your comments and new followers as well!

Katie xo

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday Update 11/12/11

1 - My amazing wedges I bought, so easy to walk in!
2 - The cute table setting in Wetherspoons for mine and Anna's Christmas meal
3 - Rimmel glitter polish in 500 - Disco Ball

A short and sweet Sunday Update this week guys! Hope you’re all well! Two weeks today till Christmas Day, how fast is it going? It’s crazy!

How amazing are these shoes? I got them from George at Asda for £16, but got them for £8.90 after I got staff discount off and some money I had left on a gift card. What a bargain! I absolutely love them and HAD to get them when I saw them! They’re so easier to walk in as well! On Monday me and Anna went to Wetherspoons for a Christmas meal, it was so nice! It was really cute as well because they gave us a really nice table in a corner and set the table really nice. The girl who served us was so friendly and even got us drinks all night, when normally you go to the bar yourself in Wetherspoons. We even got crackers as well! The quality of the photo from my meal is terrible because I only just realised after that I’ve left the sticker thing they put on my screen from when I got my phone repaired, so it’s made some of my photos a bit dodgy quality!  I bought this Rimmel nail polish (500 Disco Ball) in Boots on Saturday after it really caught my eye a couple of days before hand. There was one left and I thought it might have been bought when I went back on Saturday, but thankfully it hadn’t! I’m really after OPI’s Rainbow Connection because that has to be the king of all glitter polishes! Not sure I can pay over £10 for a tiny bottle though!

Had plans today but they got cancelled, which I’m gutted about! So I spent the day watching nice Christmas movies, wrapping Christmas presents and using my Dad’s phone minutes because I’ve nearly used all my 600 and I’m only half way through the month! Oops! Watched the X Factor final like the rest of the UK, so glad Little Mix won! Didn’t have a fave this year at all, I really liked Jade but she didn’t even get through to the live shows! But I thought it was really nice that a group won for the first time. Little Mix are mega cute and I hope they do well! Loved their personalised jumpers when they performed ‘Silent Night’, my Mum said she’d make me my own with my name in sequins, so hopefully she will! Just about got this weeks update done before midnight, will do it earlier next week! Have a good one guys!

Katie xo

Thursday, 8 December 2011

December Favourites

1&2 - Dead Sea Black Mud Mask Soap | 3 - Sudocrem | 4 - L'Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream | 5 - ChapStick (Strawberry)

When I did a monthly favourite last month, I kind of did it the opposite way round and made it the things that I love so far into the month. It’s the backwards way to the way that everyone is doing this type of post at the moment, but I might as well stick to the way I started! I know that as the month progresses I still love the things mentioned as much as I do at the beginning of the month!

1&2 – I’ve been using this soap for about three months so far and I love it. Over the past seven months or so, my skin as been awful and wasn’t even this bad when I was a teenager. I get really bad spots, particularly around my mouth and jaw line, which I’ve read before is something to do with hormones. I’ve tried more or less every type of skin care product and nothing would work to get rid of or at least calm down my spots. Even though I do still get some spots, this soap has helped calm them down and reduce them. You lather the soap up, and then apply it like you would do a face mask. It recommends leaving it on for about three minutes, then wash off. It dries on and makes my face feel a little tight, but my skin feels really clean and refreshed after woods. I photographed the packaging as well because it’s quite hard to find in shops. I got it from Boots, but I’ve found that it seems that bigger ones stock it and smaller ones like the one near my work don’t have it. The Boots that I bought it from stocks it not with the skincare products but with all the regular soaps and hand wash. It’s about £3.40 in Boots which is quite expensive for a bar of soap, but I usually spend more on face wash and things like that.

3 – Sudocrem is one of those products that people usually have in their bathroom cabinet. I’ve been using this to reduce spots for ages and it really does work. When I get spots, I tend to get really sore swollen ones, which are the worst! I apply some at night whenever I’ve got a spot, and it reduces the swelling overnight. I have to apply it over a few nights before the swelling has gone down and I still have marks but foundation and concealer cover those. I got the 125g tub and it lasts ages but luckily it doesn’t expire until 2016 so I won’t end up having to throw half of it away. I end up going to bed looking like I’ve had a fight with some Tippex but thankfully my parents and my brother don’t laugh anymore, ha!

4 – I don’t usually use hand cream, my Mum doesn’t go a day without using some but I hate the texture most leave on your hands. I wash my hands a lot because I hate it when I feel that my hands are dirty or have something on them (not as OCD as it sounds!), so sometimes, mainly in the winter the back of my hands get really sore and dry and to the point where sometimes they start to bleed. Yuk! I got a full size tube of this free in a magazine ages ago and I loved it. I put loads on, on the back of my hands and it does feel greasy, which I hate, but it’s on the palms that I hate the greasy feeling! I bought another tube when the free one ran out which is £7.50 for a 30ml tube but for the price it’s a really good product. I tend it put it on at night because I put quite a bit on and it gives it time to work overnight, but in the morning my hands are always smooth and the soreness has gone.

5 – Come winter, everyone’s favourite product is some form of a lip balm! I don’t particularly have a favourite brand, so I usually buy whatever lip balm catches my eye. I bought this Chapstick a bit ago when it was on offer for £1 somewhere. It does the job for when my lips are feeling dry and sore and it smells nice as well.

I’ve also been listening to One Direction’s album, “Up All Night” full stop! The best album I’ve heard it ages! I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it either. Having a favourite track is like picking a favourite child, but I love ‘Same Mistakes’ and ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Stole my Heart’ are nice upbeat songs! What do people think of Harry and Caroline Flack? She’s got a lot of hate on Twitter from fans, something that I’ll never do because I’m not a 12 year old. 15 years is quite a big age gap, particularly because he’s not officially an adult yet…. but because I love him so much I’m happy for him (really!). Cannot wait for the X Factor final this weekend because One Direction and JLS are performing a mash up on the show! Excited! I’m not fussed who wins this year, it’s not as good as last year because 1D aren’t in it of course, but it’d be nice if a Little Mix won it because a group has never won it. Also check out my guest post on Cat's blog here!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

For Sale

New Look cage wedges

Just a quick post to let you know of some things I’ve got planned to sell and some shoes I’ve got up for sale at the moment. I have a pair of size 7 New Look wedges that are up for offers around £20/25. They’ve never been worn so are more or less brand new! Planning to sell a BlackBerry Curve 8520 as well but I haven’t got round to photographing it yet because I seem to have misplaced the box! Typical me really! When I find it I’ll get it up on here! It’s locked unfortunately, to Vodafone, which I know makes to annoying if you’re on another network, but it only costs a few pounds to get it unlocked at markets and places like those. I’m not totally sure how much I’m putting it up for, probably will be around the £100 mark because I only used it for a few months whilst my BlackBerry Bold 9700 was waiting to get fixed. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions about anything! Also I have Twitter if anyone’s interested in following me and checking out my boring tweets! Also my guest post on Cat's blog will be up tomorrow! So excited to see it and I can't thank her enough for the amazing opportunity! Have a nice Tuesday guys!

Katie xo

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Update 4/12/11

1 - I woke up to the prettiest sunrise I've seen in ages on Tuesday morning
2 - What I'm wearing tomorrow when I go Christmas shopping and for tea with Anna. Sad how I tried everything on as well!
3 - My Harry Potter photo I got done at work on Friday, I look awful but I'll treasure it forever!
4 - My Christmas tree :)

Hope you’ve all day a good week guys! My week has been pretty busy, I spent all of Monday Christmas shopping with my Mum! Only actually managed to get a couple of things and actually got more things for me than for other people! Anna came round for pizza on Tuesday, we had to wait a full 1 hour and 15 minutes for pizza! We were so annoyed, but still wolfed it down! Friday was really exciting, came into work to find out you coule have your photo taken and put onto a Harry Potter background for free! You were advised to give a donation for the ‘Text Santa’ appeal that’s on TV near Christmas if you got a photo taken. You had to stand in front of a green screen, and the photographer gave you a wand and a Gryffindor scarf to wear aswell! I look awful in mine but I felt cheeky asking him to take another! Also had to put my jacket on, because with my work shirt being bright green, if I didn’t my head would have just been floating haha! That actually happened to a guy at work, the photographer forgot to tell him to cover his shirt up. Hilarious! Put my Christmas tree and decorations up in my room today; my brother said it looked like Santa’s grotto and also ‘ridiculous’. Whatever, I always go OTT with my decorations at Christmas! Also so happy Dougie won I'm A Celeb lastnight!!

Sorry it’s a short update this week; I’m about to tuck into a cheese feast stuffed crust pizza and watch Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 with my Dad whilst my brother and Mum are out! My Dad hasn’t seen it yet, but I went to see it at the cinema. It’s the most amazing film ever! Have a nice week guys!
Katie xo

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Style Crush: Pixie Lott

There’s always at least one celebrity that people look up to for style inspiration, in my case, I have loads! But Pixie Lott always shines through for me. I’ve yet to find an outfit on her that I either don’t like or wouldn’t want to wear. I wouldn’t wear EVERY outfit Pixie wears, mainly due to the fact that most of her outfits consist of teeny tiny hot pants. Her style is so cute, and she never seems to put a foot wrong. She’s the ultimate festival Queen; her outfits are always so amazing come festival season! She can wear a mixture of something cute like in the third picture, to something a little more out there like in the fourth picture. Her style has massively progressed from when she first came out; it was all about sequins, hot pants and biker boots when she first came onto the music scene. Now she tends to wear more sophisticated clothes such as blazers and pretty blouses. Whenever I see a photo of her, or see her on TV, I always get the impression that it’s her own style, rather than a style that’s been created by a stylist, and she’s wearing something that’s she pulled out of her own wardrobe. Below is a look that I've put together that is something that I think Pixie would wear!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Do you like Pixie’s style? Who’s your style crush? I’d love to hear from you guys!

Katie xo