Thursday, 10 November 2011

Friday Wants 11/11/11

1 - Jack Wills mittens in Navy Fair Isle | 2 - Topshop Strut glitter heel platforms | 3 - Aldo Summerhill bag | 4 - Delia's Happy Christmas cookery book | 5 - Jack Wills Anscombe jumper in Mulled Wine | 6 - One Direction 'Up All Night' Yearbook

1 – These mittens from Jack Wills are the cutest mittens I’ve seen this year! They look super cosy and warm! I have a bit of a mega crush on Jack Wills, I have a nice collection of JW goodies that is steadily growing! Some stuff is really expensive, but the quality is amazing and I love the fact that it’s a traditional English brand.

2 – I NEED these shoes! How cute are they?! They look super high and I probably wouldn’t be able to walk in them, but they’re so glittery! Glitter shoes are the perfect way to jazz up an outfit, and these are the perfect way to add a hint of glamour to an outfit!

3 – This Aldo bag will nicely match my Primark pumps I bought a few weeks ago. I normally like bigger bags, but this is perfect for day as well as night.

4 – Ever since I was little, every Christmas I’d watch Delia Smith’s Christmas cookery programme that was on a food channel in the run up to Christmas. It’s quite sad, but it’s one of my Christmas traditions. I’d probably never make any of the things in the book, but I really want it to flick through and be all Christmassy!

5 – This Jack Wills jumper is actually a mens, but it looks so nice and cosy. I’m loving all the mulled wine/burgundy colours that are about this season and it’s nice and festive! I’m not sure if I can, or if Santa can, fork out £89 for it, although I know it will be mega good quality.

6 – Saving the best till last, One Direction’s album! I’m the BIGGEST fan, I actually adore them so much! Glad they didn’t win the X Factor, although at the time I obviously wanted them to win, but I think not winning hasn’t done any harm to them at all. Their album ‘Up All Night’ is out 21/11/11 and I can’t wait to hear it! The yearbook edition has some extra stuff with it, so I’m definitely going to get it!

Katie xo


  1. Ohhh I want the mittens. So adorable. :)

  2. cute! love the heels!! (:

  3. The heels and mittens are sooo cute! :) xx