Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review: 17 Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow

17 Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow in 'Wild Bronze'

I wasn’t sure if I would do reviews on my blog, but everyone seems to do them, so I thought I’d try it out. As strange as it sounds, I don’t tend to have strong opinions on products, it’ll either be a case of “I like this” or “I hate this”. There is the odd product that I’ll use religiously, like Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse that I used for over four years, until I swapped to another foundation, but I generally buy whatever catches my eye.

As I mentioned this post, I was in Boots the other day when this cream eyeshadow caught my eye (no pun intended!). It’s new in and comes in six shades (Wild Silver, Wild Purple, Wild Nude, Wild Navy, Wild Green and Wild Bronze). I got ‘Wild Bronze’, mainly because like I’ve mentioned before I tend to gravitate towards these type of colours because I think they suit me best. It was £3.99 for a small pot which is a handy size that’ll easily pop into your bag for any touch ups. I don’t normally go towards cream eye shadows, mainly because the ones that I’ve tried in the past are messy and crease easily. I wasn’t sure on how thick it would be, the tester pot was a bit dry and crumbly, probably because other people had been trying it out. When I tried it, I was surprised how nice the texture is. It’s nice and smooth and it has a really strong pigment. The texture of the eye shadow is more like a mousse than a cream. It’s easy to blend in and you only need a small amount, depending whether you’re covering the whole eyelid. When I tried it out, I use a thin eyeshadow brush, which I used to create a line on my top lid. I then used my finger to blend it in and to soften the line. When it’s blended in, the colour isn’t too harsh, depending on how much you blend it in, which I like. It has bits of really small fine glitter in, which isn’t obvious in the pot, but when you apply it, it not only has a nice metallic shimmer, but also has a hint of sparkle. I really like 17 products, it’s a go to brand for lipsticks, lip glosses, mascara and nail varnish for me!

Do you rate 17 makeup? Let me know what you think guys!

Katie xo

Monday, 28 November 2011

Sunday Update 27/11/11

1 – Got One Direction’s album, ‘Up All Night’ this week and I’ve been listening to it non stop. So proud of my boys for doing so well! Just shows the runners up on the X Factor usually do better than the actual winners. I don't think I've done a post yet that doesn't feature One Direction!
2 – Wore this Tom and Jerry t-shirt on Monday when Anna came for tea. I got it from Primark for £6 ages ago and I knew I had to get it when I saw it because Tom and Jerry was mine and my brother’s favourite cartoon when we were younger!
3 – I’m going to do a review on this 17 cream eye shadow that I bought from Boots on Friday. It’s such a nice colour, although I always tend to sway towards bronze/gold in eye shadows! I haven’t worn it, but when I do I’ll do a review.

Sunday Update is a bit late, again! Sorry guys, I was out at my boyfriends all day yesterday, and it took me ages to get home because it’s such a trek to get to his house! I’ve had a fun week that I didn’t really want to end! Monday me and Anna had a Chinese round mine, then Tuesday I met up with a friend from college and we went shopping and had a catch up. We ended up spending two hours in TK Maxx Christmas shopping, and whilst I spent £8, Danya spent a grand total of £111 on Christmas presents! She pretty much got everything at once though which takes the stress off! I had such a good time, I really miss seeing her more often! Then afterwoods I met up with my brother and his friend and had a couple of drinks. There was supposed to be a taster event at All Bar One in Leeds on Thursday, which me and Anna were on the guest list for, but when we got there, it didn’t even look like anything was going on! We defiantly got the right date and time, but we didn’t want to look stupid going in asking for free drinks if it wasn’t on! So since we were starving we decided to go out for some food at Wetherspoons which was nice, apart from some anaemic chips! Going Christmas shopping with my Mum today, can’t wait! My Mum is really good to shop with and we always have fun shopping together! I can't wait to do next week's Sunday Update because I'm putting up my Christmas tree! So excited it's unreal. Hope everyone has a good week!

Katie xo

Thursday, 24 November 2011

What I Bought

I’ve bought a bit over the past couple of weeks so I thought I’d share with you guys what I’ve bought! It’s a bit of a shopping haul really, most stuff I bought on separate occasions, but I’ve put it all together to show off what I’ve been spending my money on!

1 - I bought these PJs from Primark whilst Christmas shopping with Anna. As sad as it sounds, ever year I always buy a new pair of PJs to wear at Christmas… sad I know! These ones have cute penguins on, I can’t wait to wear them at Christmas!

2 - I bought Battlefield 3 for my boyfriend for Christmas the other day at work. We had a 2 day double discount event so I ended up saving about £8, then I had £10 left on a £20 gift card they give you every year at Christmas, so I only ended up paying about £20 for it! It’s the limited edition one, I didn’t have a clue what the difference was, but it says something about an free expansion pack. The limited edition and the normal one were both the same price, so I thought I might aswell get the limited edition one!

3 - I’ve downloaded a few of Justin Bieber’s songs but I never got round to getting his album. This is an oldish one, but its got some of his songs that I really like, and it was only £5 from work! Obviously bought One Direction’s album, Up All Night! If you buy it from HMV, you can get an exclusive slip case to put it in, and each one has a different member on. I got Harry because he’s my absolute favourite!

4 - These cute necklaces are from the kids section in H&M. They were a bargain at £1.99 (pink bow) and £2.99 (Snow White), and I thought the chains might be a bit short because they’re for kids, but the chain is pretty much the standard size.

5 - I’ve been wanting a plain cream cable knit jumper for ages, and I’ve either not seen any, or not seen any that I like. I bought this one from Primark for £10. I think it’ll look nice on its own, or with a checked shirt underneath.

6 - I don’t really have a nice thick scarf, so when I saw this one I had to buy it! It’s so nice and warm and Christmassy. I bought this from work for £8 but I got it for £7.20 with my colleague discount.

7 - This Primark jumper is actually a men’s, but it’s so nice and cosy. It’s best to get a size up from what you think you’d be in men’s sizes, like if you think you’d be a small, get a medium so it fits nice. Also because men don’t have hips, men’s clothing is straight up and down so it’s a better fit to get something in a size up. I love Fair Isle print, and it’s nice and festive!

Katie xo

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Update 20/11/11

1 - Bought my boyfriend an advent calendar, although some people may say he’s ‘too old’, even though I think you’re never too old for one! He got really excited when I told him I got him one, so cute!
2 - Bought this the other week from H&M. It’s actually from the kids section, but it’s so cute and I think I can kind of get away with wearing a Disney Princess around my neck at 21!
3 - Saw this in Friday’s Metro, don’t they look so cute in their scarves and gloves? :)
4 - Bought the Top Of The Pops One Direction special the other day. Not bought TOTP since I was about 14! It comes with posters and everything, but it’ll make my room look like a 13 year olds, so best not put them up. I’m a mega 1D fan girl!

I spent the beginning of the week forcing my boyfriend to watch the last episode from series 3 of The Only Way Is Essex. We managed to watch the whole episode without him complaining, although he did laugh in non-funny situations. Monday night me and Anna went to the German Market in Leeds. Christmas isn’t Christmas without visiting the German Market at least twice, it’s so nice and Christmassy! Most people go for the alcohol, although word of warning, the German lager is awful! Never spending £3.50 on something so awful again!

Blogging seems to be going pretty well at the moment! I honestly can’t thank people enough for checking out my blog and following, I really appreciate it. I’ve even found a couple of my photos on Google, which is pretty surreal but nice! The lovely Cat from One hand in my pocket contacted me the other day about doing a guest post on her blog, which is mega exciting but more on that later!

I’ve got a pretty packed week this week, me and Anna are having a catch up over a Chinese on Monday. On Tuesday I’m meeting up with Danya, a friend from college for a much needed catch up! Then Thursday me and Anna are going to a taster event at All Bar One in Leeds, it’s a good excuse to get dolled up! Have a good week guys!

Katie xo

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Winter Is Coming...

It’s coming close to that time of the year that’s always my favourite, Christmas! Officially winter doesn’t start until 22nd December, but I think I’m not the only one who thinks it already feels like winter! The photos above are all photos that I’ve taken over the past few winters and aren’t from sites like Weheartit (so no pinching!). The last one is of a massive field at the end of my street, when it snowed last year. Me and my brother went and made snow angels and it was so deep it went to about our knees. Memories! I kind of want it to snow this year, it’s a pain when it turns to ice, but it’s nice that over the past couple of years we’ve had some snow/ice when it’s been Christmas! I have an advent calendar and I bought my boyfriend one even though he’s 27! Christmas has always been and will always be my favourite time of the year. I love getting presents (who doesn’t?!), eating nice food, but I mainly love spending time with my family. It’s the only time of the year apart from when we go always on holiday, that all of the family is together for a few days. There’s usually me or my brother out, so it’s nice to sit at home watching a nice Christmas film with the fire on all cosy. I’ve already planned the date when I’m putting up my little Christmas tree in my room and even the theme! (Red and green and Disney!)

Are you guys looking forward to winter and Christmas? What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? Let me know!

Katie xo

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sunday Update 13/11/11

1 – My amazing BlackBerry case! The photos I took don’t do it justice, it’s much more sparkly up close!
2 – This time last year I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that I would buy The Only Way Is Essex on box set – what a difference a year makes!
3 – What I wore when I went Christmas shopping with Anna. The top is so cute and it’s from New Look.
4 – Me and Anna were uber excited when we saw this in Wetherspoons! We’ve planned a going for a Christmas dinner in a few weeks, mega excited!

Sorry the Sunday Update is a day late, I really wanted to avoid it being late because I knew before hand that it might be. I was out all day yesterday and the majority of today, so only just managed to get it posted now! I stuck to the date it would have been published, mainly because I like things to be nice and organised! I really want to avoid these planned posts being posted late, I think this week is the only exception I want to make!

Spent last week and this week doing crazy hours at work, mainly ten hour shifts, so I’ve been mega tired this week! I’m looking forward to getting paid on Friday so I can finish off the rest of my Christmas shopping! What do you guys think of my BlackBerry case? I used to think they looked a bit tacky, but I think they look nice now! This one was just under £4 from EBay and it’s so sparkly! The TOWIE finale on Wednesday was a mega blub fest! I was totally unprepared for the Jess and Joey kiss! My boxset came on Friday but I’ve only managed to watch a couple of epidsodes, going to watch some more this week! :)

Katie xo

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Friday Wants 11/11/11

1 - Jack Wills mittens in Navy Fair Isle | 2 - Topshop Strut glitter heel platforms | 3 - Aldo Summerhill bag | 4 - Delia's Happy Christmas cookery book | 5 - Jack Wills Anscombe jumper in Mulled Wine | 6 - One Direction 'Up All Night' Yearbook

1 – These mittens from Jack Wills are the cutest mittens I’ve seen this year! They look super cosy and warm! I have a bit of a mega crush on Jack Wills, I have a nice collection of JW goodies that is steadily growing! Some stuff is really expensive, but the quality is amazing and I love the fact that it’s a traditional English brand.

2 – I NEED these shoes! How cute are they?! They look super high and I probably wouldn’t be able to walk in them, but they’re so glittery! Glitter shoes are the perfect way to jazz up an outfit, and these are the perfect way to add a hint of glamour to an outfit!

3 – This Aldo bag will nicely match my Primark pumps I bought a few weeks ago. I normally like bigger bags, but this is perfect for day as well as night.

4 – Ever since I was little, every Christmas I’d watch Delia Smith’s Christmas cookery programme that was on a food channel in the run up to Christmas. It’s quite sad, but it’s one of my Christmas traditions. I’d probably never make any of the things in the book, but I really want it to flick through and be all Christmassy!

5 – This Jack Wills jumper is actually a mens, but it looks so nice and cosy. I’m loving all the mulled wine/burgundy colours that are about this season and it’s nice and festive! I’m not sure if I can, or if Santa can, fork out £89 for it, although I know it will be mega good quality.

6 – Saving the best till last, One Direction’s album! I’m the BIGGEST fan, I actually adore them so much! Glad they didn’t win the X Factor, although at the time I obviously wanted them to win, but I think not winning hasn’t done any harm to them at all. Their album ‘Up All Night’ is out 21/11/11 and I can’t wait to hear it! The yearbook edition has some extra stuff with it, so I’m definitely going to get it!

Katie xo

Elle £20 Kurt Geiger gift card

Elle magazine are giving readers a free £20 Kurt Geiger gift card in the December issue. I picked up my copy on Monday and couldn’t wait to spend it! A couple of years ago Elle did the same and gave a £20 gift card for Kurt Geiger but I never ended up using it. I didn’t really want to use it on a pair of shoes, so the ‘Everything But The Dress’ accessories range seemed a perfect way to spend it. I had a look at what they had to offer and chose the ‘Éclair’ small pouch at £20. I’d seen this pattern on some other KG products in a magazine, and really liked the ‘inky’ look to it. The standard P&P is £4, so including using the gift card, I only paid for the P&P. I ordered it on Monday night and got it yesterday which I’m really chuffed about! It came in a cute gold giffy bag, which I thought was an unusual but kind of cool way of packaging things. It’s only small and I’ll probably only use it as a coin purse on a night out, when you only need something for money, ID and bank cards. I definitely wouldn’t have paid £20 for it, the quality of the actually product is good, just personally I wouldn’t use it enough to pay £20 for it!

Just a quick mention to new followers; thankyou! It means a lot when people check out my blog! I’m only starting but I feel a big rush of achievement when I sign in to see new followers and new page views. Also, massive thanks to Zoe for mentioning me on Twitter! I check Zoe’s blog out all the time, and I’m really chuffed she mentioned me on Twitter! She also said that she loved my pictures! Thanks guys!

Have you guys got your gift card? What are you going to buy with it?

Katie xo

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Update 6/11/11

1 - Cutest Christmas mug I’ve seen in ages! Had to get it since it was a bargain £2.99 from TKMaxx!
2 - Mega posey photo, I’m not usually like this! What I wore when Anna came round for tea on Monday. Excuse the messy room btw!
3&4 - Little penguin and polar bear Christmas decorations from work! By the tag on the polar bear, you'll have guessed that I work at Asda! Both are £1.50 each and are too good to hang on the tree!
5&6 – Got both of these necklaces in the sale at New Look, £2 each!

Going to do a ‘Sunday Update’ every Sunday, which will basically be a post about stuff that’s happened over the past week. I like these types of posts that loads of people do, they always make me check out their blog religiously on a Sunday, and I hope that people will do the same for mine! :)

Not done much of note this week, apart from Anna came over for tea on Monday. Spent the rest of the week, apart from a lazy Thursday, working. Doubled my hours at work from eighteen hours a week, to thirty six, most of my shifts were long ten hour days! Felt sorry for myself for the majority of the week! Thought I was getting paid next Friday, so tried to cram in loads of hours till I realised it don’t get paid till the Friday after! Looking forward to the coming week; me and Anna are going out for food and drinks on Monday, followed by a Christmas (!!) shopping trip on Tuesday! Can’t wait for Christmas, I’ve been excited for ages! The Christmas lights in Leeds are getting switched on this Thursday, not sure who’s doing it! McFly did it last year, but couldn’t go for some reason! Gutted!

Also bought The Only Way Is Essex series 1 and 2 on DVD today, I’m actually too excited for it to come! Planning on having a TOWIE marathon when it comes! Can’t believe its series 3 finale on Wednesday, hopefully the DVD will come in time for Santa! :)

Katie xo

Thursday, 3 November 2011

November Favourites

1 - L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Lip Glow | 2&3 - MUA Professional eye palette in 'Starry Night' | 4&5 - Boots 17 eye shadow trio in 'Enraged' | 6 - Bronze bow glitter pumps, Primark

Every month I’ll be doing a post on my favourite things that I'm currently obsessed with. Each monthly favourite will feature anything that I'm currently loving, whether its clothes, accessories, makeup or food!

1 – I’ve been after one of these types of lipstick/lip balm after seeing a few higher end versions around. I don’t really suit full on colour that most lipsticks offer, so I usually buy light shades or just dab the colour on for a ‘stained’ look. I also have the Revlon Just Bitten lipstain which is pretty good as well. I saw a review for L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Lip Glow in Elle magazine, and thought I’d try it out. It was £8.49 in Boots, but when I bought it, it was on offer for £6.49. It comes in one shade, a really nice pink, and it reacts to the heat and moisture of your lips, meaning you get a bespoke lip colour. It looks really nice on, a nice subtle pink.

2&3 – MUA (Makeup Academy) is sold exclusively at Superdrug and is one of the best budget makeup brands I’ve seen in a while. Their core range is all sold at £1, and whilst the range isn’t massive, the products are a good quality considering they retail for £1 each. MUA launched MUA Professional, which each product is around £2 - £4 and the Professional range has a bigger selection of products. I saw this palette again in Elle magazine, and had to buy it. I love the colours in this palette (Starry Night), the mix of silvers, blues and dusky pinks work well together. It cost £4 and the quality of the eye shadow is really good for the price tag. Gutted when I went and dropped it on the floor, breaking up some of the shadows!

4&5 – I saw a review on this 17 eye shadow trio at Milk Teef and had to get it! I love doing a smoky eye and I don’t think I always suit using dark colours, so I always opt for a bronzey smoky eye. I’m always attracted to these colours in eye shadow sets and I love how metallic and shiny they are. I always buy 17 eye shadows, I have loads of them! The single eye shadows are £3.89 and the trios are £5.49, so you can afford to buy loads!

6 – I LOVE ballet pumps, they’re my go-to shoe choice. They’re so comfy and always make an outfit look cute and girly! Primark do some of the best ballet pumps ever, cheap and cheerful! People say Primark stuff is cheap tat, but they have such good stuff in at the moment and I’ve loved Primark since I was 10 (seriously!). These beauts were £6 and they’re nice and glittery! I hardly every wear heels, particularly on a night out, and I always feel under dressed going out in flats, but I never feel under dressed in these! Saw an extremely similar Aldo pair on Asos, but are £49 more expensive! Reckon I got a bargain!

Been pretty lazy today and watched Monday’s Made in Chelsea and both episodes of The Only Way Is Essex from this week. Never watched MIC or TOWIE before till the new series, but I’m actually addicted! Thank you to my new followers as well, mean a lot to me if you follow my blog!

Katie xo