Friday, 28 October 2011

We found love in a hopeless place

The beautiful girl in the last two photos is Anna! I've known Anna since I was about four, we both went to the same nursery and primary school and we used to live more or less opposite eachother till I moved when I was six. We went to different high schools but when we were eleven, we promised to never lose contact and ten years later we're still as close as ever.  The bottom two photos were taken at the charity fashion show me and Anna went to on Sunday night. It was hosted by First Direct to raise money for NSPCC and Breast Cancer Care. It was a really fun night and the fact that it was hosted to raise money for charity made it even better. The top photo is what I wore on Monday when Anna came round for tea. I've been wanting a pair of burgundy jeans for ages, I have a pair of shorts in the same colour and it's such a nice autumn/winter colour to make me feel all cosy. I got mine from New Look and are such a bargin at £16.99. They're nice and cosy and a really nice fit. I wore my H&M leopard print pumps which I actually adore, but they start to hurt after half an hour!

Apologies for the crap quality photos, typical Blackberrys! As you've probably have already guessed, the title of the post is from Rihanna's new song, We Found Love. I don't really like Rihanna apart from the odd song, but I kind of like this one. I love the video even more, how good is her English accent!
Katie xo

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