Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Mary-Kate and Ashley - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble DVD

I already had another post in mind for today, I even started writing it, but decided to get in the halloween spirit a little bit. This is the only halloween DVD I own, apart from the typical gory horror films, going to watch this soon! I've loved the Olsen twins since I first discovered them when I was about twelve, I have loads of their books and DVDs! I even have a MK+A curling wand, random of what?

I never really get into the halloween spirit that much, apart from watching all the films they seem to put on TV. I always think halloween is just an excuse to go out and get drunk. That might make myself boring, and I'll probably go back on my word and get into the spirit at some point. I think it's cool when you see people dress up at their work place, we had loads at mine, but I only found out the day before and it was a bit too last minute to sort a costume out!

There's been some pretty exciting things happening in my life recently, the main exciting thing is getting to see my lovelyAnna all the time! I've got a few planned posts that will be in within the next week or so and Im also going to do an about me page, just to give you a little bit more about me!

Do you like to get into the halloween spirit? Leave your comments below! :)

Katie xo

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